Do any of these relate?​



I spent many years searching for answers myself.  Trying to seek healing and health from self-help books, Google, positive affirmations, talk therapy and more without significant improvements.  After all of that, I finally found the missing link to my own health and I’ve been helping others through their journey every since. 


What working with me looks like...

1. Create a Roadmap & Path to Freedom

Together we create clarity around where you are now, what you've tried in the past and we'll discuss a plan to help you achieve more balance!

2. Personalised Transformation

Your private 1:1 transformation sessions, are 100% customised to identifying your root cause specific to you and resolving it on the spot!

3. Empowering Box of Solutions

I'm going to help you learn simple & effective strategies, tools and techniques to take control & empower yourself with solutions to overcome any situation.

Hi, I'm Lisa Gumieniuk

I use to be constantly anxious, stressed & chronically unwell

I know this story all too well. Even though I was smart, committed to change, and had loving and supportive people around me… I still struggled. 

I knew it was time to end the cycle for me … and I went on a journey to discover how!

I now see too many incredible women around me suffering.  

How do I know?

They tell me regularly. Strong, confident, high-performing women.

For you, maybe true wellness appears out of reach.  Maybe anxiety and stress stops you from living an abundant life. It cuts you off from love and connection – with yourself, friends and family.  It can isolate. It can make you feel so alone. And you don’t know what to do about it! So, you try ignoring it, hoping it will just go away. 

Lisa has been featured in...

It’s time to Reset and Rewire those limiting and restrictive thoughts & patterns

I have a solution for you...

When you’re time poor, with ongoing pressures and you’re constantly multitasking, you don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about your problems or ‘just thinking positively’ hoping to feel better!

Does this sound like you? 


“Using the Kick Starter Method is so quick. It’s easy to learn and go through the steps. By the end of it, I feel calm and relaxed and I can go ahead and do whatever it is that I have trouble doing.”


“I found that in 3 to 5 mins of the Kick Starter Method I can pull myself back into line and calm myself which really feeds out to the rest of my family so it’s made massive shifts for us in this house.”


“Once I have applied the Kick Starter Method I feel that the anxiety and stress diminishes in usually about 5 minutes and I feel a great sense of calm.”


“I was able to get back into my day using the kick starter method and move on with what I needed to do.”

Are You Ready to Feel in Control of Your Stress, Emotion and Energy Levels again?

My unique approach

I combine a top down and bottom up approach to when I work with you. 

This means we go beyond traditional talk therapy, mindset and behaviour change and focus on neuroplasticity practices, nervous system retraining, stress reduction and resilience exercises that focus on a mind-body connection resulting in a holistic reset and rewire. 

It's time to Reset & Rewire your Mind & Body now...