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hi, I'm lisa

I use to be stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and tired too!

I use to be stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and tired too! 

I know this story all too well.  Even though I have a loving and supportive family… I still struggled. 

I see too many incredible women suffering.  

How do I know?

They tell me regularly.  Strong, confident, high performing women just like you. And it was my reality once upon a time too.

For many of you, true wellness appears out of reach.  It stops you from living an abundant life.  It cuts you off from love and connection, with yourself, friends and family.  It can isolate.  It can make you feel so alone. And you don’t know what to do about it!  So you try ignoring it hoping it will just go away. 

I knew it was time to end the cycle for me … and a discovered how!

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Because when you’re time poor, with ongoing pressures and you’re constantly multitasking, you don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about your problems or ‘just thinking positively’ hoping to feel better!


Does this sound like you? 

life is too short. Don't you deserve to feel good?

Are you time poor, constantly multitasking with too many responsibilities and don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about your problems or just ‘thinking positively’ hoping you’re going to feel better?  Do you want to try something beyond meditation and mindfulness & breathing? Is it time for you to stop applying bandaid solutions or no solution at all? Are you feeling isolated and stuck for a ‘real and root cause’ solution? 

How the Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue Solution works

Create a roadmap

Together we create clarity around where you are now, what you've tried in the past and we'll discuss a plan to help you achieve more balance!

Personalised transformation

Your private 1:1 transformation sessions, are 100% customised to identifying your root cause specific to you and resolving it on the spot!

empowering box of solutions

I'm going to help you learn simple & effective strategies, tools and techniques to take control & empower yourself with solutions to overcome any situation

Are you ready to feel in control of your stress, emotions and energy levels again?

  • I've helped so many busy professional women (like you) to take back control of their lives, eliminate anxiety, stop and prevent panics attacks, enjoy restful sleep and reclaim their energy levels! So that they can experience more fulfilling and emotionally connected relationships, be present with their families and discover that balance is NOT an illusion!

Client case Studies

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How often have you been frustrated and disappointed with the way you look? Have you had thoughts that your too tall, too short, too fat, your bum is too big… not pretty enough?

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Have you ever felt that you have abandon someone, a friend, a loved one or an animal? It might be because you had to move house, state or country to create a better life…

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Have you ever had the feeling that you are ‘just beside yourself’ with overwhelm?

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Bianca’s^ period has been spotting between months and she had been working on various physical layers to try and get to the root cause.  She

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Is self acceptance and self love a challenge for you? This article explore how one client was able to transform their own views within minutes!

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How can I help you?

  • Are you stressed, anxious, tired and overwhelmed looking for REAL SOLUTIONS?


  • You’ll learn and implement new and empowering tools and techniques which you can incorporate in your daily life to continue support yourself.


  • You will unblock, resolve and clear the main patterns, beliefs, emotions, feelings and/or experiences that have been holding you back. Together we'll work through deeper layers and aspects of your life that you will resolve and begin to breakthrough. ​


  • You will transform your health and wellness beyond your dreams and at a rate you would have previous thought impossible.​​


  • What's stopping you from moving forward? Are you missing the right tools? Lets chat and let me share my experience with you!​​

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