001: Chaos To Clarity Reset Welcome + How To Use Self Acupuncture | Lisa Gumieniuk

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My intention, in this episode, is for you to receive the gift of ‘starting your journey where you are now’.

In this solo episode I share with you…

  • A Warm Welcome to YOUR Chaos to Clarity podcast!
  • What Emotional Freedom Techniques / EFT and Tapping is all about
  • How you can benefit from self-acupuncture & EFT
  • How to do self-acupuncture on yourself as I guide you through these easy steps


  • It’s all about clarity, wellbeing, calm, clear minds. Doesn’t that sound great? I’m kind of saying those words and I’m like, Oh, it feels like really yummy and nourishing and calming, and it’s kind of like want to give myself a hug. it’s obviously the complete opposite to being in chaos.
  • As with everything, everything is always an invitation. And so if it resonates with you, fantastic. If it does it, that is, it’s all good. There is absolutely no judgment.
  • Hopefully you will… you’ll find this useful or you will come along with me on the journey of finding clarity from any set of chaos that you might be experiencing.
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Connect with Lisa

Website: www.lisagumieniuk.com

Facebook page: Lisagumieniukcoach

Facebook group: Chaos to Clarity Reset

Instagram: @lisagumieniukcoach



The material in this podcast are for informational and entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or mental health advice from a Doctor or any other health professional. 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!


PS - What Can I do next?

I’m sure this taster of information has you thinking… How can you lean more!

Here are some options to support your further:

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