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Introduction / Episode Summary

This is the first Inner West Women Podcast! 

Lisa welcomes you to the podcast, shares part of her personal journey and her Inner West Women mission and vision and how the Inner West Women podcast came to be. 

Share her inspiring story and her hope to bring about connection, collaboration and a greater sense of community for Inner West (and local) Women.

About Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa Gumieniuk is a leading health, wellness, nutritionist & business Coach. An Intuitive, with a love and passion for Energetic Health and all things woo hoo – a Tapping (also known as) EFT Practitioner, speaker, meetup, workshop and Women’s Circle facilitator and the proud founder of InnerWestWomen.com.au, an in-person and online space for women’s CONNECTION, COLLABORATION AND COMMUNITY.

And we know that empowered and inspired women, empower and inspire women!

So, each week, Lisa will be connecting you with local empowered and inspired women.

Lisa Gumieniuk’s Actionable Tips

  • Listen to the podcast, share it with your friends and family.
  • And feel into those concepts of connection, collaboration and community.
  • Learn from others in our community.
  • Let’s collectively raise our vibrations that send love to each other.

Lisa Gumieniuk’s Top Quotes

  • “It’s about including all women, it is single women, it is married women, it is women in business, it’s mums. It’s about being inclusive”
  • “You know, when you don’t have health, you don’t have a lot of things”
  • “This is not about loss. This is about love and enlightenment and joy”
  • “I start to share some of my story people and they’re empowered by my story. And they’re inspired by my story. And I never really thought of myself as an inspiring person”
  • “I learned so many lessons about myself. So many lessons about other people and about love, really about love, you know about connection with myself about connection with community”
  • “I meeting more people sharing my story, which inspires them and empowers them”
  • “Inner West women is about starting conversations so that those conversations lead to connection with other women. They lead to collaboration with women, collaborating with other women, in business or outside of business. And it leads to community and a sense of community and a sense of I guess that’s word connection and community”
  • “It’s my mission and vision that this podcast will help transform you. And that transformation could be a small transformation. Or it could be a big transformation. But it’s a transformation of raising your vibration, raising those energies, to love to joy to peace into enlightenment”

In this episode Lisa chat’s about:

[00:00] Welcome to the Inner West Women Podcast

[1:29] Lisa’s podcast Introduction, about her and the vision for the Podcast

[10:00] All about connection

[14:13] Raising the vibration of your words

[21:31] Thank you

[21:31] What next

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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