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Introduction / Episode Summary
Giovanna Lever talks to Lisa Gumieniuk talk about the power of human connection in local community. And talk local people, local businesses, emotional philanthropy, local non-for profits and how you can connect with the local community and pay-it-forward.

About Giovanna Lever
Giovanna is an advocate for all genders. She is the Managing Director of a national consulting firm, Sparrowly Group (with their head office here in the Inner West), Ted X Speaker and mentor to women across their life stages. She has built her business through hard work and strong ethics and values and believes you should never falter on this in work and life.

Giovanna’s Actionable Tips
• Give freely
• You have to care about something and do it because you want to
• Always give back and keep humble

Giovanna’s Top Quotes
• “I walk to work and that will be the 20 minutes. I just look up. I try not to look at the phone, because I am on my phone all the time”
• “Human connection is so important, not just for people our age, right through to the elderly”
• “You got to you got to do something, you’ve got a volunteer, you know, you’ve got to have some, I don’t want to kind of say, Oh, you gotta have some purpose”
• “I think you need to you need to support your people”
• “This word integrity that this people in the wellness space like to throw around. Integrity is really, really, really important word and shouldn’t be used willy nilly”
• “If they [a business, is] doing right by you and their customers, and you genuinely liked their product, to give them a shout out, you know, you don’t have to make money out of everything”
• “We’re just normal people. I’m, you know, I still lose my shit, like everybody else, right?”
• “I think you need to first and foremost, have that notion of emotional philanthropy. So giving freely without a thought, and without expectation of return, because I really do feel that, you know, bigger door open for you”.
• “You’ve got to care about something. You need to give a shit about something, right? So do that, you know, and support that something. But don’t make it such a thing that you’re gonna badger everybody about it, either just do it because you want to not because you want to get the accolades”
• “If you’re in a fortunate position where you are seeing success in your life, and all your business, when people are looking for a hand up, make sure you reach out your, your arm as far as you can, and you pull that person and don’t forget where you’ve come from”
• “You can’t underestimate what value that’s going to give to someone. So just don’t forget where you come from. And that’s really important and really keep humble. And I think you know, will do fine, divine life”

Giovanna’s Links

Giovanna’s Gift

  • Free Sparrowly time with Giovanna

Other resources mentioned

In this episode Giovanna chat’s about:
[00:00] Welcome to the Inner West Women Podcast
[1:35] Giovana’s bio
[2:20] Giovanna, a local lifestyle and a local fisher monger
[4:01] Taking things green – plants, sustainability
[4:44] Nurturing yourself before work
[5:58] Latin dancing for fitness
[6:45] All about swing
[7:51] Collaborative spaces and flying Jogis!
[9:19] The power of human connection
[12:32] Amazing non-for profits & giving yourself
[16:31] Collaboration & Connection through conversation
[18:48] The wellness industry and local businesses with integrity
[22:05] Keeping your dollars local
[24:51] Unique ways to connect with other women in community
[28:20] Giovanna’s first take away
[28:51] Care about something greater than yourself & the golden nugget
[31:52] Giovanna’s gift to Inner West Women
[33:35] Pay-it-forward

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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