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Introduction / Episode Summary

What is soul-to-soul connection and Connecting Soul Beings? We talk about what this means, how you can discover this connection for yourself by ‘tuning in’ to yourself and to others.  We talk about how Bianca was unable to leave the house for 3 months and the tools she used to tap into her own mindset and change her fears and come from a place of love.  This is a very deep and soulful conversation. 

About Bianca de Reus

Bianca de Reus was born and raised in the Netherlands. She found her way to Sydney, Australia in 1996, where shortly after she was approached by a wild snake who told her what her life purpose was to be. Bianca is an inspiring and passionate Soul Being, who loves the connections between animals and people, bringing them together with love, joy, and harmony. She helps animal lovers to connect deeply with their inner self and their animal friends, by tuning into the language of the soul, through one-on-one and group programs, at the Connecting Soul Beings Institute, which she founded in 2015. Bianca is a game changing soul connection mentor and animal communicator who works outside the norm, and takes people to a higher energy when working with themselves and their animals. Bianca is also a warm, engaging, and inspirational speaker, published author, spiritual activist, Master Reiki and Shambala healer.

Bianca’s Actionable Tips

  • Experience patience every day
  • Experience Love
  • Trust yourself and the process
  • Show up every day

Bianca’s Top Quotes

  • “A good place to start is to start tuning into yourself. And I like to compare it with like tuning into a radio station, where you can sit in silence, and literally letting go of everything that you feel you need to hold on to, from a human perspective”
  • “Soul to Soul connection, in my experience is the connection that we have, to our own inner self, to our soul being”
  • “True soul connection, we can literally see through the human shell the physicality of a person, and we can really see their light, we can really see them shine”
  • Until they really tap into themselves, they won’t find out what it is that they What am I here to do? And how do I work my soul purpose in this lifetime? What abilities do I have available to utilize”
  • “We’ve got all different ways now to connect as well in the physical world”
  • “I really tune in now going ‘okay’ so what do I need right now? Do I need a meditation? Do I need EFT? Do I need an aroma oil? Do I need bush flower essence or to go for a walk? You know, so those things as well, like you, you then start to learn how to integrate all these different tools”

Bianca’s Links

Bianca’s Gift

In this episode Bianca chat’s about:

  • [00:00] Welcome to the Inner West Women Podcast
  • [1:36] Podcast Review & Bianca’s introduction
  • [4:23] Welcome Bianca
  • [5:13] What is Soul to Soul connection
  • [7:45] A tip for connecting with your own soul
  • [8:57] How we met & Bianca’s book
  • [11:20] What is Connecting Soul Beings?
  • [16:28] Moving from fear to love
  • [20:04] Building your supportive toolkit
  • [21:32] Being your own guru
  • [23:14] Bianca’s Connecting Soul Beings work
  • [25:22] Tuning in to animals
  • [27:43] The essence of Bianca’s message & golden nugget
  • [31:22] Bianca’s gift
  • [32:34] What we can do to support Bianca

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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