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Have you ever wondered about how to access your intuition and what some of the benefits might be for you?

Intuition, does it sound a little woohoo? Is ‘intuition’ a concept that seems a little out of reach for you?Intuition use to be a concept for me and I thought it was woohoo and out of reach. I underestimated the power it can have on many aspects of life. It helped me gain a lot of personal and professional clarity.

I had heard the term Intuition before, but I didn’t know what it was, let alone how to get me some! Or how to tap into it or what benefits if could bring me!

‘Intuition doesn’t lie… Trust your instinct’

In those words, therein lies, the power for what intuition is and how intuition can help you to find Clarity. Whether your Chaos is stress, anxiety, overwhelm or your health, intuition is a beautiful and powerful way to discover Clarity.

Trust your instinct… It’s that inner knowing of what’s right. And what’s not right!

3 Benefits to Intuition

Some of the benefits of intuition include calmness, truth and direction.

1. Calmness

So, calmness is that calm, that peace, that quiet beautiful feeling you feel within you. And that can be a beautiful benefit of intuition.

2. Truth

We have truth. Through intuition, it enables you to actually tap into your truth. And when you’re able to tap into your truth, you tap into that inner knowing. And truth is what’s actually right in your life. It’s beautiful that tapping into your intuition allows you to access truth. It also enables a deep sense of knowing that resides within you.

3. Direction

Intuition enables you to gain direction. What happens when you are tapping into something that’s true? From that place, you’re able to see and gain direction. It might be a sense of how to get to a to your place of truth or what to do next.

4 Ways to access your intuition

So you want to know… HOW do you actually tap into your intuition? So I’m going to share with you four ways that you can tap into and tune into your intuition.


Stillness is a great place to start to access your intuition. Because when you’re busy, busy, busy your in the left part of your brain. This means you’re not able to tune into intuition. And your not able to access what your body and mind and subconscious is actually trying to tell you. So the first step to being able to step into intuition is to find some stillness, some space and a place of calm.


One way you can achieve stillness AND access your intuition is to meditate.

Meditation is not just sitting quietly, trying to create stillness and calm. Meditation can take the form of chanting. It can also include a guided walk though of different parts of your body. Meditation can include a mindfulness walk. This could mean that you’re being mindful of things and you’re walking at the same time.

Another way of meditating, that’s not commonly known, but one that I love is EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT enables you access the subconscious mind. Doing some simple tapping on the body can calm the mind. This then allows those deeper parts of you, that intuition to come to the forefront. EFT calms the amygdala, are the emotional centre of the brain. It calms the fight flight freeze response and the nervous system.

It enables you to, to get into those calm brainwaves within your brain. And this is where intuition can come about, when your body’s calm and when your nervous system is calm.

Gut feeling

It’s quite common to have strong senses and feelings when it comes to your ‘gut instincts’. This is because your gut knows! You gut is actually, your second brain, and it can be used as one of your main senses. And so intuition is tapping into and experiencing that ‘gut feeling’.

What does it feel like? It might be a sense that something doesn’t feel right, a sense of knowing or physical feeling in your gut.

Tuning into and allowing that part of your body to express itself, to give you those messages, allows your intuition to shine though. We often ignore these messages. Because we’re not listening to them, we’re not tapping into our intuition. Thus, finding out what our truth is, how to find calmness, and what direction and path we actually need to take may be hiding from you!


Journaling or writing is another powerful way to access your intuition. It involves using a pen and piece of paper… to then, write write, write away, whatever comes to you!

In the video, I share with you my personal story about journaling and how I use to write from my head and not from my intuition (from 7:50)

bringing it all together

When you follow the steps of stillness, meditation, EFT/Tapping and sensing your gut feelings this allows your body to calm down. In turn, you can then write from a place of intuition. A place of flow. This is when the benefits of intuition come though, when your in flow. And then you’re rewarded with calm, truth and direction.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful saying ‘intuition is the whisper of the soul’.

I can actually feel it in my body and when I say it, my own soul is saying, ‘this is amazing! Tune to me more often please’.

What does your soul say when you are open to listening to and receiving it’s intuition and guidance?

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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