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Have you ever felt a little off balance or un-grounded and wondered how you can rebalance?

1) What does grounded mean?

The term ‘grounded’, sounds a little bit woo-hoo at times. Although, it’s a term that is often use to describe planes that are not flying, aka they have been ‘grounded’. People often associate grounding with ‘being connected’ to the earth.

2) 3 Little Known (and powerful) Ways to Balance Yourself

(NOTE: Unfortunately the first few minutes of the video were not recorded)

1. Ground your feet in nature

Go to the park on in your backyard and take your shoes off. Connect with the earth and nature. You always feel so good when you’re in nature!

2. Do a Visualisation

Creating a visualisation in your mind is so powerful for coming into balance. Visualise the beach or a place in nature. Visualise your energy going down to the ground, like you have roots similar to a tree going down into the ground.

It is so powerful, because the body doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined! Say what? Yep, it’s true!

3. Tap on yourself

Tapping is just that! It is using your hand to tap on at different parts of the body. Tapping is powerful and has foundations in acupuncture (which has proven health benefits)! By tapping, you will start to feel grounded!

To tap, find your collarbone, come down about an inch and a little bit to the side where the soft squeegee bit is, and tap on that spot.

You can tap with one hand, you can tap with both hands.

If you’re feeling unbalanced, then you can do this a number of ways;

  • You can do it silently – focusing on the thought of feeling unbalanced.
  • You can talk through your thoughts and feeling saying phrases like

Even though I don’t feel balanced, I am choosing to feel grounded now.

Even though I don’t feel balanced. I’m choosing to feel grounded now.

By doing this, you’re bring into awareness, that you’re not feeling balanced or grounded.

And then you ‘choose’ an empowering thought. And in doing this, your body will start to change. Because in choosing, you become more empowered. You want to be empowered to feel balanced, to feel more grounded! Ultimately, YOU have the power to feel balanced and grounded!


I often get asked, ‘How can you balance/ground someone else?’, like a friend, partner or kid.

And my recommendation for the most powerful way to ground others is … to actually ground yourself!

If you’re grounded, then others will sense your energy and balance and become grounded as well!

We can’t force people to do things. We can’t force people to do tapping. We can’t force people to go out in nature or do a visualization.

Take my partner for instance, he often doesn’t want to do these things that I want to do and I can’t force him to do this. And often children have a mind of there own!

If you do these things, others will feel and sense the shift. And they may end up doing it themselves! What might also happen is, your ‘groundness’, may create a shift in the person you are trying to ground! And they might end up balancing themselves!

So by grounding yourself, you might actually ground others!

So that is my biggest tip tool and tip on how to balance and ground others…. start by grounding yourself.

5) Can I ground myself in an instant?

Yes, you absolutely can!

You can do all the above in an instant!

  • Whilst you may not be able to be in nature in an instant, you can feel your feet on the ground wherever you are. And that will bring you and your energy down to your feet from your head.
  • You can visualize feeling grounded and connecting with the earth in an instant. Visualising can bring you back into balance!
  • And, tapping is something that you can do instant.

So now you have three very, very powerful ways to find balance in an instant!

So these are my three, little known and very powerful ways to feel balanced and grounded. How you can feel balance in an instance and how to ground others!

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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