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Stuck is when you feel like you can't move forward. Here I explore a few creative ways to shift that feeling...

Feeling stuck is not a nice feeling! What IS a nice feeling is stepping out the other side of it!

I felt ‘stuck’ last week on a project I was working on, and moved though it using these methods.

Today, I share with you WHY you might be stuck and 5 creative ways to shift it!


It’s good to understand some of the not so common reasons you might be stuck. 


You could be in overwhelm! Overwhelm occurs when there is too much going on for the mind and body to handle. I did a video and blog on it a few weeks ago. You can check it out HERE.

The timing is not right

This is a unique reason that is very very common. The mind (conscious or subconscious) simply may not have enough information available to make a decision. As mentioned in another video/blog, your body and mind is always trying to support you. At this moment, your mind may not be capable of resolving the situation. It may need more guidance, instruction or resource.

Similar to a building site that has run out of bricks to build the 2nd floor. The brick layers may be stuck without work, waiting until fresh bricks and mortar arrive. The bricks could be an analogy for information, instructions or ideas!


You might feel stuck because your brain becomes stuck in the same thought pattern. And when you’re stuck in the same thought pattern it goes around and around in circles.

As they say, when you do the same thing, you get the same results. This also goes with thoughts. If you think the same thoughts, you might get the same results… aka that stuck feeling.


Draw & Colour

Get out the pens and pencils and have some fun! Using colour triggers the creative part of your brain, which is also the calming side. Drawing what comes to you, or even drawing what ‘stuckness’ is for you, may help your brain come to a resolution. Now wouldn’t that be a creative way of moving though stuckness?


Try drawing a card from a Card Deck. Yes, this is a little woohoo and it is also creative! It is amazing the insights that may come to you when you set an intention when selecting a card. During this video, the ‘Service’ card selected.

‘Service’ represents being of service to others. And when we are of service to others, it satisfies a deeper part of ourselves. It also supports our need and desire for connection. Both of which can help us to transition through stuck feelings.

Writing down a list

Going back to more conventional methods. Writing a list down of WHAT may be keeping you stuck may be helpful. Getting thoughts out of your head and down on paper can be all that’s needed to transform your thoughts!

Move your body

This one is underestimated! Often ‘stuckness’ is associated with thoughts alone, because you might have ‘stuck thoughts’. Although this IS true, what is also true is that these thoughts can also reside in the physical body. And moving the body can be an effective method to move the thoughts and feelings through the body!

Often my husband or I are a little grumpy or emotional about something we often suggest to each other to ‘go for a walk’. The act of moving alone can be helpful (as well as the clean and fresh air).


If these creative techniques are not shifting your ‘stuckness’ then try another way!

For those of you who have been stuck for years, these creative tips may help at a surface level. You may need some guided support with a practitioners toolkit of resources. If this is you. Reach out and book a Clarity Session with me today.

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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