Lisa's Story

Hi, I'm Lisa

If you were with me back in 2013, you’d see a woman who thought she had it all!  

I had a great corporate career and a team I loved. I was kicking goals on my projects, performing and delivering results. I won staff member of the year and outstanding achievement awards and married the man of my dreams!   

I was on top of the world and I was unstoppable… Or so I thought!

MY BODY WAS ACTUALLY ANXIOUS, stuck in a stress response and carrying unresolved trauma (AND MORE)!

the reality

I was stressed, overwhelmed & over-working myself.  My ‘rushing around’ diet was depleting me. I was exhausting my energy reserves with over 10 hours of high-intensity exercise per week, and I had NO down time. 

My mind was on overdrive, my body was exhausted and depleted, I had no idea how to process my emotions, and my spirit (whatever I thought that was) was running empty.  I didn’t know what true self-care was. But I DID know I wasn’t going anywhere near meditation!  All I knew how to do was to push myself and keep going! So I did! And my body & immune system ended up in tatters! 

My friends & family couldn’t help me, medical practitioners didn’t know what to do with me, the coaches I saw didn’t have the skills to support me, and I didn’t know how to help myself

I fell ill with Glandular Fever, then an autoimmune disease, then adrenal fatigue, then Lyme disease, then heavy metal toxicity, then shingles, then the list goes on! Oh, and I also had a car accident.  And with all this going on…

I was no longer able to go on.  I had hit rock bottom. I had depleted my mind, body and spirit. My immune system was at rock-bottom. I spent 6 years unable to work, due to chronic fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, gut issues and more.

My first ‘a-ha’ moment came when I watched the ‘Food Matters’ documentary. I knew then and there that I needed to expand my knowledge, take action and explore health & healing from a deeper perspective. 


and now

A combined prescription of lifestyle, nutrition, energetic medicine, herbals & supplements helped immensely. 

Mostly, identifying, unblocking and releasing the ROOT CAUSE of the dis-ease though evidenced-based energy psychology, emotional intelligence techniques, neuroscience, neuroplasticity & psychoneuroimmunology (which is the science behind relation; heavily grounded in research & science) was the answer. It took my health to a completely new level!

I wish these tools, techniques & therapies which helped me regain my health were accessible, talked about & common place in the workplace & in local medical centres back in that time. 

They would have helped me to create a balanced life, achieve more in my work and life and allow me to enjoy a healthy mind, body, and spirit!  No one should have to struggle endlessly before they discover they can create a balanced, abundant and fulfilled life.

my wish



How I found Wellness

and overcame Anxiety, chronic stress & more from my life…


Identified & uncovered the ROOT CAUSE of what was stopping me from moving forward in my life! I was missing fundamental tools in my wellness toolkit


Stopped just ‘talking’ about the problem and worked on the deeper layers of my mind and heart


Used evidence based techniques such as EFT, neuroplasticity & psychoneuroimmunology​


Took action to calm my nervous system down and re-wire my brain​


Released the 3 T’ … Thoughts, Toxins and Traumas, as well as any emotions and additional limiting beliefs​


Stopped trying to fight the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue and dis-ease and worked on my self-care, self-love and listened to the wisdom and messages my body was giving me


Combined evidenced based wellness strategies along with things that I once thought to be ‘woohoo’ … to support my emotions, mindset, physical body and spiritual body! This allowed my body to heal, one moment at a time. step by step

And as my health improved, I realised, I was transforming my wellness beyond my dreams!

And now I help others do the same.

Is it your turn?​

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I can help you too...

With solutions for Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Sleep, Pain, Gut issues, Trauma, Chronic Illness & more…

heal your and nervous system to heal your life!