Deep healing starts with a clarity Session

Connecting is your first step to overcome high-functioning anxiety.

Our time together will give me the opportunity to show you how we can create a personalised, bespoke support plan tailored to your specific goals, aspirations, and needs

you can take healing into your own hands ... and into every cell of your mind and body

What is a Clarity Session?

This Clarity Session is an opportunity for us to meet (virtually) face-to-face, 1:1, and get acquainted with one another.

It allows you to clarify the specific areas you need support with, as well as giving me the opportunity to outline my unique approach and start formulating an actionable healing plan for you.

The questionnaire on the booking page will serve as your guide for the structure and content of the Clarity Session – these questions will help you plan what you want to highlight and discuss in yours session.  

By the end of the Clarity Session, if we are a good match, you will feel at ease and confident in taking the next steps and working with me. 

The Clarity Session is not a free coaching session, but it is the first step in creating a personalised plan beyond just traditional talk therapy and mindset methods that will completely shift your current paradigm.

With limited capacity to take on new clients, my books are currently open to explore options to support you.  

Should I book a Clarity Session?

This session is for you if…

The health you desire is waiting for you!

your time is now!