What Does Overfunctioning Look Like?

Benefits of Brain Retraining

If you have been in my world long enough you know that I am passionate about brain retraining and how it can have a transformative impact on your mental and physical health. So what is brain retraining exactly and how can it actually benefit you? Brain Retraining Defined Brain retraining sounds a little intimidating at …

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Imposter Syndrome + You

If you are in the world of mental health and wellness you probably have heard the term imposter syndrome a time or two. Today we are going to be breaking down imposter syndrome and its relevance in your life.  Imposter Syndrome Defined Imposter syndrome is a psychological state in which you do not feel deserving …

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Gut + Brain Connection

Gut + Brain Connection

As a practitioner, I believe that the connection between mental health and the body (more specifically the gut) is something that we need to be talking more about! We are going to examine the connection between gut health, the body, and your brain.  The importance of your gut There is a direct communication between your …

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