Chakra, Meridian & Energy Balancing

About Chakra, Meridian & Energy Balancing

Chakra balancing is the process of clearing out stagnant energy, getting rid of any blocks, and bringing things into flow. The belief is that our emotions, experiences, and past memories live within our energy field and chakras. The energy that is stored has an effect on our lived experiences and health. There are 7 Chakra centers and each one can be balanced, overactive, or underactive. The goal in a session is to balance these energy systems to bring balance and alignment back online for optimal health and healing. 

Benefits of Chakra, Meridian & Energy Balancing

The health of your energy field determines how you feel and the ability to live at your fullest potential. Having an energy balance session allows you to release, shed, and heal things that you no longer need to hold onto. Caring for our physical body and energy allows one to reach optimal health and functioning.

Evidence for Chakra, Meridian & Energy Balancing


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