Deep healing starts with one clarity Session

Finally overcome anxiety, stress and chronic illness with an integrative and holistic approach to wellness

I show you how with a personalised, bespoke support plan tailored to your specific goals and aspirations / needs

you can take healing into your own hands ... and into every cell of your mind and body

What is a Clarity Session?

This Clarity Session is an opportunity for us to meet (virtually) face-to-face, 1:1, and get acquainted with one another.

It allows you to clarify the specific areas you need support with, as well as giving me the opportunity to outline my unique approach and start formulating an actionable healing plan for you.

The questionnaire on the booking page will serve as your guide for the structure and content of the Clarity Session – these questions will help you plan what you want to highlight and discuss in your session.  

By the end of the Clarity Session, if we are a good match, you will feel at ease and confident in taking the next steps and working with me. 

The Clarity Session is not a free coaching session, but it is the first step in creating a personalised plan beyond just traditional talk therapy and mindset methods that will completely shift your current paradigm.

Should I book in a Clarity Session?

This session is for you if…

Powerful strategies and a revolutionary approach

You’ve tried all the tricks and tools in the book to stop feeling so stressed and find calm, connection & balance, and been left wondering why they haven’t worked for you.

The loudest conversations in the mainstream about how to help your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing have you questioning your ability to truly heal on a deep level. At this point, you’ve tried them all. “Is there something fundamentally wrong with me?”

I promise you, you’re not the only one – and it is totally, completely possible.

The truth is, there are vital key elements to your healing that these approaches miss out, letting anxiety, stress and overwhelm maintain their stronghold on your body. You can’t think, talk or even journal your way out of deep-rooted, physical anxiety and stress.

If you’ve been left feeling depleted and disempowered by traditional methods, and you’re ready to say yes to something more, something better, then book in your Clarity Session with me today and join the 100’s of women who have gone on to find calm, freedom and healing and create lives they truly love.

your time is now!

The health you desire is waiting for you!

After working with hundreds of women to achieve breakthroughs & transformations, you can be confident knowing that you’ll discover and have access to the best strategies to use to help you break free from your current situation.  

My mission is to help you avoid the mistakes that so many women make, so you can start to live the life you dreamed of as soon as possible.  Plus, you’ll learn exactly what you need to create a health you want. 

With limited capacity to take on new clients, my books are currently open to explore options to support you.  

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Lisa Gumieniuk 


What clients say

“I was able to clear the fear/anxiety that I felt around being me and embracing my power.  I’ve had the deepest sleep and have since gone onto pursue my dreams.” 

Carita Gronroos

“I was able to clarify what was holding me back and now have the energy and focus to move forward feeling positive and motivated. The process of clarifying the problem that had been festering, disarming the distress it was causing, taking away the learnings, creating a new story/belief and imprinting this in my being was very powerful”.


“Megan Chambers – Working with Lisa has helped me to move forward in areas of my life where I was holding myself back but couldn’t understand why or what to do to move past it.

Megan Chamber

“This women seems to show up in my life when I really really need her! …Working with you has changed my mind set in different ways and the way I communicate with people and deal with conflict and confrontation, and it’s only the beginning.  It is really powerful stuffAnyone who’s stressed, if they could access this tool, it would be awesome and it could change the world! … It would enable you to create space in your mind to breath and think through your actions… It was a like a therapy session on steroids, but it all came from me!  Lisa just facilitated the process. She enabled me to pull back those layers. By using these simple strategies.” Steph Wicks



Yes, my marketed is focused towards women.  Although YES, I do work with men.  Please request a clarity session to confirm if I am able to support you. 

To confirm if I am able to support you to achieve your health goals and to confirm if I am the right fit for you, please request a clarity session.  

Whilst I have limited capacity, I have currently opened up my books and have the capacity to take on new clients.  Please requested a Clarity Session to confirm if we are a good fit to work together.  

People ask me this question all the time!  And the answer is … NO.  You do not need to believe you can be well to work with me.  Also, you don’t need to believe in the tools and techniques for them to work!  There is science to back up these techniques and the efficacy of these.  We can work with your current beliefs (which may also be limiting beliefs). 

I do not support the following as I am not a specialist in this space.  

Drug or alcohol addiction and recovery

Benzo support


My services may be covered by NDIS plan – please consult your plan provider if you would like to proceed with this option. 

My services are NOT covered by Medicare or Insurance or a Mental Health Care Plan. 


I am based in Sydney, Australia and support men and women all over the world from Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, UK, Europe, the US to Mexico and beyond.  

My clinic days are Monday-Wednesday 11am-6pm Sydney time – although I do also consult outside of these times, upon request and availability. 

If an appropriate date and time is not available in the calendar please, send me an email at lisa @ lisagumieniuk . com  with your timezone and time request and I will reply with availability ASAP. 

I have had my own chronic health challenges that led me to seek complementary and supportive techniques to heal my own body.  This then drove me to support others to regain their health, so they didn’t have to suffer and experience the long journey that I went through!

I’ve had my own successful clinical practice for many years, working with clients from all over the globe to help them create their own healing.  

To read more of my story and my qualifications, please access my Story page HERE. 

One of the best ways to find out about my clinical approach is to explore this article HERE.  

I often get asked: What does a session with you look like? So, I’d like to present a bit of an overview of the process of working with me so that you have an understanding of what the journey might look like for you HERE

Your MindBody Reset Journey Map

heal your and nervous system to heal your life!