1:1 Clarity Session - up to 45mins (at no cost to you)

Are you ready to overcome
Anxiety, Stress & Chronic Illness and THRIVE?

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up to 45mins (at no cost to you)

I can help you with an Integrative & Holistic Approach to Wellness

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Are you ready for results AND to Thrive?

After coaching hundreds of women to achieve breakthroughs & balance, you can be confident knowing that you’ll discover and have access to the best strategies to use to help you break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm & fatigue. 

My mission is to help you avoid the mistakes that so many women make, so you can start to live the life you dreamed of as soon as possible.

You can have access to a 1:1 Clarity Session – up to 45mins (at no cost to you), where together we’ll create a roadmap for you to reach your personal goals, fast

You’ll learn exactly what you need to create a life you want. 

Spots fill up quickly, so grab yours now before they’re all gone.

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What clients say

“I was able to clear the fear/anxiety that I felt around being me and embracing my power.  I’ve had the deepest sleep and have since gone onto pursue my dreams.” 

Carita Gronroos

“I was able to clarify what was holding me back and now have the energy and focus to move forward feeling positive and motivated. The process of clarifying the problem that had been festering, disarming the distress it was causing, taking away the learnings, creating a new story/belief and imprinting this in my being was very powerful”.


“Megan Chambers – Working with Lisa has helped me to move forward in areas of my life where I was holding myself back but couldn’t understand why or what to do to move past it.

Megan Chamber

“This women seems to show up in my life when I really really need her! …Working with you has changed my mind set in different ways and the way I communicate with people and deal with conflict and confrontation, and it’s only the beginning.  It is really powerful stuffAnyone who’s stressed, if they could access this tool, it would be awesome and it could change the world! … It would enable you to create space in your mind to breath and think through your actions… It was a like a therapy session on steroids, but it all came from me!  Lisa just facilitated the process. She enabled me to pull back those layers. By using these simple strategies.” Steph Wicks

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