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Yes, I am and Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) Certified Mentor

Absolutely NOT!  We can get you started with EFT mentoring right now! 

Although, IF you are seeking Evidenced Based EFT (EBEFT) Premium Accreditation, you must complete the Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) for Trauma 2 day workshop, prior to your sessions being counted towards your Accreditation hours. 

You are welcome to explore all of my qualifications and training HERE.

Although from a business and EFT perspective, I am qualified in…

Bachelor Business (Management)

Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) – with Peta Stapleton
• Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) – May 2022

• Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) for Trauma – June 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Case Conceptualisation and Treatment Planning – 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Chronic Pain – 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Stress: How to Increase Vibration and Frequency Through Daily Practice (2021)

EFT Tapping Training Institute – with Craig and Alina
• Discovering the Emotional Roots of Physical Issues (2021) – Meta Health & EFT
• Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Enrichment Day (2021)

The Priority Academy – Graham Nicholls
• EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner – June 2019
• EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner – July 2019

Nature Care College – Lorna Stewart and Martine Negro
• Energetic Tools for Transformation (EFT) Level 1 – 2019 (Exemption)
• Energetic Tools for Transformation (EFT) Level 2  – 2019


Yes, absolutely. For all health related support and transformations, please book a health related Clarity Call HERE.   I have a unique approach to supporting those with health related challenges through my Reset Method, that incorporates EFT tapping as well as many other modalities. You can learn about the Reset Method HERE



I am based in Sydney, Australia and support men and women all over the world from Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, UK, Europe, the US to Mexico and beyond.  

My clinic days are generally Monday-Wednesday 9am-8pm Sydney time – although I do also consult outside of these times, upon request and availability. 

If an appropriate date and time is not available in the calendar please, send me an email at lisa @ lisagumieniuk . com  with your timezone and time request and I will reply with availability ASAP. 

The best place to start is with an EFT Mentoring Clarity Call where we can talk about next steps and options for you HERE.