EFT Mentoring

EFT Mentoring benefits

Mentoring to gain Premium EFT Accreditation.

Enhance your practitioner skills and improve your clinical results.

Learn how to integrate EFT into your existing practice and toolkit.

Gain insights into your client sessions & case studies.

Review & enhance case conceptualisation & case note processes.

Overcome personal challenges holding you back from business success including...procrastination, imposter syndrome, fear of speaking, presenting or being seen & practitioner over-care.

Lisa's Mentoring Approach

Having had many formal and informal mentors over the years, in the EFT space, for my own business, in the corporate world, and previously as a University Tutor, I have learnt many lessons. 

I would like to bring these lessons and key qualities and attributes to future mentees – and pass on the wisdom I have been fortunate to receive. 

From working in the corporate space for most of my career, I have gained the ability to see gaps in people’s approaches, provide feedback in a constructive way, and learned from other’s pitfalls to better my knowledge and experience.


Some of what I would like to bring to the mentoring space and process include:ed


Nurture mentees to be able to THRIVE as both individuals & practitioners, both technically & non-technically and provide guidance on their journey of learning and growth.


Share knowledge and relevant technical expertise while educating, including practical tools and skilled education – in alignment with EBEFT Practice.

Safe space

Create a safe space (both individual and in a group setting) for innovative thinking, inquiry, learning, sharing and growth with enthusiasm.

Foster Learning

Foster a learning process that has an essence of curiosity and expansion, encouraging mentees to step outside of their comfort zone.


Be a figure for guidance, support, connection (and co-regulation).

Guided decision making

Guide mentees to make decisions, come to their own understanding and question their learnings.


Advance with a judgment-free, active and reflective listening approach, with a respectful attitude that encourages constructive, honest, direct and timely feedback.


Continually invest myself in becoming a positive role model with a willingness to be a sponsor and champion for others!


Coming from a family of teachers/educators (My mum, sister, 2 of 2 cousins and a cousin in-law), one of my biggest values and passions in life is learning and sharing these skills!

About Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa is a Certified Premium Accredited Evidence-Based EFT and EBEFT for Trauma practitioner and mentor. She has worked with hundreds of clients in the field of chronic and complex illness, emotional dysregulation, stress management and trauma. Her extensive EFT training has been completed under Dr Peta Stapleton, Lorna Stewart, Martine Negro and Graham Nicholls. She also holds many other qualifications including Diplomas in Holistic Nutrition, Energetic Health and many more holistic wellness modalities. A full list of her qualifications can be found HERE. Holding a Bachelor of Business Management, Lisa was also a 1st Year Management and Logistics Tutor at Western Sydney University.

Lisa’s interest in EFT began back in 2013. Her corporate career was hugely successful, she won accolades for her work, married the man of her dreams and felt unstoppable. That was, until her body had other ideas. She was anxious, stuck in overwhelm, recovering from the shock of a car accident, starting an unknown journey with autoimmunity and chronic illness, and was carrying around unresolved trauma.

What helped Lisa MOST, was identifying, unblocking and releasing the root emotional cause of her dis-ease, and EFT played a huge part in this healing journey.

Ever since her experience, Lisa has been passionate about helping others learn to regain their health. She believes that no one should have to struggle endlessly before they discover how to empower themselves to change their own stress response!

In clinical work, Lisa is passionate about facilitating transformation through her Brain-Body Reset Method, which includes elements of Polyvagal Theory and the Nervous System, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Trauma-Informed and Sensitive, Somatic, Heart Rate Variability and Energy Psychology Practices.

Alongside this, Lisa is a Business Mentor and Coach, helping Health and Wellness practitioners to thrive in their business, with clients and in their personal lives – through her Thrive Mind Program.

Accreditation & membership

EFT Mentoring FAQs

Yes, I am an Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) Certified Mentor

Absolutely NOT!  We can get you started with EFT mentoring right now! 

Although, IF you are seeking Evidenced Based EFT (EBEFT) Premium Accreditation, you must complete the Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) for Trauma 2-day workshop, prior to your sessions being counted towards your Accreditation hours. 

You are welcome to explore all of my qualifications and training HERE.

Although from a business and EFT perspective, I am qualified in…

Bachelor of Business (Management)

Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) – with Peta Stapleton
• Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) – May 2022

• Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) for Trauma – June 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Case Conceptualisation and Treatment Planning – 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Chronic Pain – 2021

• Online Masterclass Training in Evidence Based EFT for Stress: How to Increase Vibration and Frequency Through Daily Practice (2021)

EFT Tapping Training Institute – with Craig and Alina
• Discovering the Emotional Roots of Physical Issues (2021) – Meta Health & EFT
• Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Enrichment Day (2021)

The Priority Academy – Graham Nicholls
• EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner – June 2019
• EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner – July 2019

Nature Care College – Lorna Stewart and Martine Negro
• Energetic Tools for Transformation (EFT) Level 1 – 2019 (Exemption)
• Energetic Tools for Transformation (EFT) Level 2  – 2019

Yes, absolutely. For all health-related support and transformations, please book a health-related Clarity Call HERE.   I have a unique approach to supporting those with health-related challenges through my Brain-Body Reset Method, which incorporates EFT tapping as well as many other modalities. You can learn about the Reset Method HERE

I am based in Sydney, Australia and support men and women all over the world from Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, UK, Europe, the US to Mexico and beyond.  

My clinic days are generally Monday-Wednesday 9am-8pm Sydney time – although I do also consult outside of these times, upon request and availability. 

If an appropriate date and time are not available in the calendar please, send me an email at Lisa @ lisagumieniuk . com  with your timezone and time request and I will reply with availability ASAP. 

The best place to start is with an EFT Mentoring Clarity Call where we can talk about next steps and options for you HERE.

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Lisa's EFT Programs

Lisa’s EFT Kick Starter Course for those looking to explore and understand the basics of EFT for personal use. 

A Summit hosted by Lisa , interviewing 15 EFT Practitioners and 15 Wellness Practitioners at the start of the Pandemic about creating Calm during chaotic times.  

A monthly Client and Practitioner Heart-Centred Reset Community and Space for Personal Transformation – focused on connection, coregulation and self healing that used techniques such as EFT in a group setting.  NOTE: note this is not a practitioner business mentoring space. 

2020 MindBody Spirit Festival Presentation & EFT Talk

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