Frustrated & Disappointed with the way I look

How often have you been frustrated and disappointed with the way you look? Have you had thoughts that your too tall, too short, too fat, your bum is too big... not pretty enough?

Michelle had put on 5.5kg in the last 12 months. She was working hard at the gym and was eating the right foods but she still put on all this weight!  She was like ‘What the hell! … What am I doing wrong?!”  Michelle was feeling frustrated and disappointed with herself.  

If these are thoughts and emotions you experience regarding your own appearance… Know, that like Michelle, you too don’t have to carry these emotions and this internal frustration and tension any longer!  

Michelle had a short 20min Emotional Freedom Techniques / Tapping session with me and these were her transformative results…

How Michelle felt before and after her session… “I don’t have the look that I want and I feel frustration and disappointment”. 

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At the end of the session, Michelle shared the following:

  • She was initially thinking ‘what am I doing wrong’, and throughout the process she realised she was holding on to tight to wanting a particular ‘look’ and was too intensely fixated on it. 
  • Her thoughts around her ‘look’ were constantly occupying her mind and by the end of the session, this has shifted and she did not hold an emotional attachment to ‘not having the look that she wanted’
  • Initially Michelle felt tensions in her chest and could breath freely after the session
  • Michelle had a sense of a dark grey colour in her body that had a rough texture, this shifted to a blue colour during the session, and at the end of the session it had transitioned to a pink soft and flowly texture.  
  • She walked way feeling confident, strong and accepting of who she is
It was such a gift to support Michelle during her session.  She was able transform her own thoughts and beliefs about how she felt about herself (aka frustrated and dissapointed) to one of confidence, strength and accepting of herself.  

Know that you have it within to transform your thoughts about who you really are too! 
 * The self administered SUE (Subjective Unite of Experience) scale) was used for feedback.  

Sending love and wellbeing your way!


PS - What Can I do next?

I’m sure this taster of information has you thinking… How can you lean more!

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