Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm & More Workshop

Are you running on empty? And want to...

Feel calmer, refreshed and more balanced? 
Reduce your stress levels & support your mental health? 
Increase your energy and vitality? 
Improve your confidence & self-esteem? 
Increase your productivity and motivation? 
Have a relaxing afternoon with other like-minded women? 

Come along to the ‘Say Goodbye Workshop’ and discover peace, calm and more balance! 


event date

Saturday 13th June
2pm-4pm (AEDT)
Online via Zoom

Lisa Gumieniuk

Coach, Mentor, Practitioner

This nourishing and relaxing workshop is for you if you want to find balance and experience peace and calm in your life!

During This 1.5 hours workshop, You’ll:

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3 simple & powerful solutions you can use to overcome stress that you can implement today

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A practical hands on group workshop where you will experience your own stress levels reduce during the session!

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Lisa will share how she overcomes her own daily stressors & and some of the key tools she's used

This online workshop is for you if you...

Are you ready to go on a journey...​


Hi! I'm Lisa

And I help women who are stressed, anxious, tired, or overwhelmed…

…to eliminate rest-less sleep, regain their energy, improve their digestion & enjoy being at a healthy weight.

So that they can experience more fulfilling and emotionally connected relationships, sleep soundly, be present with their families and discover that balance is NOT an illusion!

Does this sound like you?

After recovering from a long and chronic illness, I discovered little-known solutions and strategies. What I’ve uncovered, goes way beyond the band-aid approaches of traditional medicine. And includes evidence based solutions such as Psychoneuroimmunology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuroscience & Nutrition to Energetic Health and healing.  

It’s about getting to the underlying and root cause of your dis-ease and allowing the body to self-heal in transformational ways.

And that's why Say Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue has been created for you​

What women are saying...

“What a wonderful group of women, who are supporting each other. A wonderful platform where I am able to connect with like minded women, support others, receive support and sometimes just have that listening ear close by! ​”

Bianca de Reus

“We shared experiences, realised other people go through what we go through and learned from each other! What a terrific experience…meeting a group of authentic and loving ladies, open to sharing so that others may learn and benefit.​”


“A little sneaky peek from my experience…it was a peaceful and safe space to connect, to step outside of your comfort zone and learn the power of intuition. Sometimes as women, we can feel so alone even when we aren’t. Awesome to connect with some lovely local ladies.​”

Steph Wicks

“It was a great intro to practical techniques. Loved the session and I feel much more open now!”

“Great tools + sharing + experienced so much comfort.”

“Great intro session. Good space where I felt comfortable to share.”

“10/10 – Love it! So practical & powerful.”

“10/10 – I really liked how you lead the workshop and all the tools you have us through out it! I feel awesome!” 

“10/10 – In just a few minutes I could put myself in a very comfortable place and it will last for all this weekend. Then… with simple ‘techniques’ it could make our lives much batter.”

“10/10 – a very good balance between reflecting & practicing different techniques of wellbeing.”

“10/10 – I really liked how you lead the workshop and all the tools you have us through out it! I feel awesome!”

What you need to know...

> Bring with you pens, paper, water & herbal tea … Come as you are!
> Register to attend, share with your friends
> Feel free to email you have any questions
> Spaces strictly limited due to room size and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your place now before it books out!

Gift your mind, body and spirit with this nurturing Goodbye to Stress Workshop!

Limited places, so claim yours now!


Workshop registration Bonus

When you register for the workshop you’ll also receive Lisa’s Weekly Chaos to Calm tips sent to your inbox! 

Are you excited?

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