Have you ever had the feeling that you are 'just beside yourself' with overwhelm?

When Melissa got in contact with me she was ‘just beside herself’.  She has been recovering from a chronic illness for the last 7 years, had started to feel well before being struck down with a debilitating flu / virus.  And she wasn’t coping very well emotionally with how physically sick she was.  

This concept happens to the best of us – weather it is a physical, mental or emotional overwhelm, and we get into a state where we feel out of control.  And it’s important to calm this emotional response in the body, to allow it to relax and to heal.  If we are emotionally distressed, it is going to be even more difficult for our body to heal! 

‘I’m just beside myself’

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Melissa was angry that she was in this situation, so we did some work around the anger – which she felt positive about at the end of the session. 

‘I don’t have the energy to be angry about it’

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Through the session Melissa came to realise that she needed to surrender to herself to allow herself the space to heal.  

‘I just need to surrender’

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At the end of the session Melissa

  • Felt lighter and was no longer angry or beside herself
  • And felt that she was surrendering into what was happening

 * The self administered SUE (Subjective Unite of Experience) scale) was used for feedback.  ^ Client name has been changed for the purposed of this article 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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