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With challenging and changing times right now, how can strength support you though the madness.

This week’s chaos to calm tip is a reflection of a post I read this evening…

‘Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive’.


In these new times, there is so much chaos and there is so much happening in the world. And we DO need some strength. We need strength now in times of madness and we need strength to help us survive calm.

1) Where can strength come from?

Strength can come from a number of places including;

  • From your internal strength,
  • From from family and friends,
  • From your environment, the natural world with which we live – the plants and nature and our gardens. The sea, the ocean and the grass we put our feet on, and Mother Nature.

2) Is strength all about fighting?

Strength doesn’t always have to be that fighting strength! Often we think, that to survive, we need to be really, strong and tough. And often it’s not just about being strong and tough!

Maybe we need a different kind of strength, more like a loving strength or a strength of being in the flow as opposed and ‘I’m fighting and I’m pushing’ kind of strength. Because when we push, and we fight and we have this strong strength, we often push things away. And then things become more challenging.

3) What about our minds?

Madness can relate to several things. Madness can also be the madness that we create in our mind.  These are the stories that we create in our mind, the dizziness that we create in our mind, the ‘too much stuff’ that we create that ‘sounds like madness’ or ‘sends us mad’.

So even though there’s a lot happening externally in our world now, we’re also creating some of our own internal madness.

4) What can we do about it?

So …if we can find that different type of strength or find peace, or the strength to release control, that will help us. Because we’re trying to control so many things.  And with the changes that are happening, ‘control’ is where a lot of fear comes in, because we can’t control these things. 

This in turns creates, a bit of a circulating concept, like a chicken or the egg scenario. Do you get it? 

So, if we can let go of some of the madness (in our minds), or let go the control, then we can be in the flow of strength and find more and greater strength.

So that’s my little reflection for you for this week.

5) Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on this for yourself…



  • How can you tap into that different types of strength?
  • How can you transform madness into something that is achievable and positive?
  • And how can you do something that’s more than surviving?
  • How can you thrive?

These concepts – madness and survival – are quite negative concepts. But if you look at things differently, you can change things around to find that place of peace and calm.


Does this resonate with you?

Let me know and share your comments below or if you’re watching the replay or blog reach out to me and just let me know what your thoughts are and whether this resonated with you

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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