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Have you ever felt like your where possibly heading towards overwhelm but you weren't quite sure and didn't know what to do about it?

You’ll feel so much better knowing how to identify if you’re in overwhelm. Those little signs and signals that are trying to let you know something is out of balance!

Knowing HOW to identify you’re in overwhelm is a key step in the Chaos to Clarity Reset journey.

Because, if you know what signs to look out for, you’re part of the way there! You can then start to change your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

When I did this FB live, I was in overwhelm myself! (Yes, I am human) and I shared my own insights and experience.

8 key questions you can ask yourself to identify if you're in overwhelm

1. Scattered Feelings or thoughts?

Are your thoughts scatted?

Does your brain feel all jumbled?

Do you have too much going on?

2) Negative Thoughts

Are you experiencing any negative thoughts?

Thinks like…

  • I can’t do this?
  • This is too much
  • Things are too overwhelming right now

3) Gut Feeling

How does your gut feel?

Is there a tightness or heaviness in your belly?

Do you have a ‘sense’ that something is not quite right?

4) Stuck or procrastinating

Are you find that you are stuck or procrastinating?

Are you avoiding doing things you ‘should’ be doing?

5) Unsure what to do next

Are you confused about what to do next?

Are you unsure what decision to make or what action to take next?

Are you unsure where to start?

6. Lack of drive or determination

Are you usually an action taker and now you feel as though you have a lack of drive?

Do you feel that your determination and energy is not like it usually is?

Are you questioning your ‘inner passion’?

7) feeling emotional

What emotions are coming up for you at the moment?

Anger? Sadness? Frustration?

8) thinking you can't do it on your own

Do you feel like you need help and support right now?

Do you think that you can’t do it on your own?

Do you need some guidance to help you step outside of your current overwhelm?

Have you tried things and you feel as though things are not shifting?

Do you feel like giving up?

How to get beyond overwhelm?

The first step to move beyond overwhelm is to identify that you are in fact in it (see 8 key questions above).

Step two, is to create space and slow down. This reduces busyness and that ‘scattered feeling’ that can come from doing too much. Think about what actions can you take or change that may result in you feeling calmer? What thoughts can you think differently? What feelings can you choose to feel and which can you choose to leave behind

Tools that can help you to move through and beyond overwhelm include:

  • EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique (this is one of my personal favourites). In my Kick Starter Program, I share with you how to release overwhelm in a few simple steps
  • Joining workshops such as Say Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm … plus it’s completely free.
  • Attend a regular event like a Women’s Circles or Self Care Saturday. Events like these are a gentle way to release overwhelm through meditation, reflection, forgiveness, dance, and more.

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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