I’ve abandon them!

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Have you ever felt that you have abandon someone, a friend, a loved one or an animal? It might be because you had to move house, state or country to create a better life...

Daniela called me upset and feeling like she had abandon her 2 dogs which she adored when she moved overseas and had to leave them behind with a loving family over a year ago.  Seeing a picture of them on Instagram trigger a wave of emotion and a feeling that she had abandon them.  A holistic energy healing session helped her to clear the negative emotions and program in new beliefs about how she could support and commit to them from the other side of the world.  

‘I’ve abandon my dogs and I feel it in my heart, stomach and I feel anxiety!’

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‘I broke a vowel that I had with them that I would never leave a family member’. 

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‘There is this secret vow … I committed to them and I need to stick with it’ 

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At the end of the session Daniela

  • Felt better in her heart and stomach area
  • She realised that she could keep the commitment to her dogs and feel good about it.  That she could send them love energetically and in the spiritual world and this would reaffirm her commitment to them – and she felt really good about this. 
  • And realised that her love for her dogs would cross all time, space and dimensions and was not just about her being in their physical presence.  
All too often, I see amazing and caring people overcome by a sense of abandonment for their loved ones.  And this doesn’t need to be the case!  You can still love them and feel a connection to them, without the negative emotions that you have abandon them.  

 * The self administered SUE (Subjective Unite of Experience) scale) was used for feedback.  ^ Client name has been changed for the purposed of this article 

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