Legal Stuff is so boring!

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Many Inner West Women have a business, network and need to be on top of there legals. Last month I attended a networking event, and the main speaker was talking all things legal.

I’d made my mind up before I even left to attend the event – that I was going to meet some new people and that the ‘legal’ talk wasn’t something I needed to know about … as I already know a bit about the legal side of my business.

I was so very wrong! 

It ended up being one of the most entertaining, engaging and informative talks I’ve ever been too! With a bunch of key legal take ways!

  1. If you’re invited to a legal talk go to it! You never know the value it will bring to you or your business!
  2. Include a comprehensive Terms and Conditions section on your website. It’s legal 101, yet so many people don’t have one! Or if they have one it’s outdated or not comprehensive enough. 
  3. You NEED to have a ‘Cookies’ option for users to click and approve on your website – if you don’t know what cookies are … then google it!
  4. If you don’t like the GDPR policy applies to you before you’re in Australia, then think again!
  5. Emoji’s can represent a binding contract! Yes!  People have been taking to court over sending a Smiley Emoji, or a bottle a wine as an agreement for a contract!  Be mindful of HOW you engage with your clients across all your social medial platforms!
  6. If you’re overwhelmed with your legals or any aspect I’ve mentioned here… get tapping on it! And if you’d like tapping buddy then feel free to reach out!

Legal stuff can be boring.  But you’d be surprised, it can also be entertaining and if you’ve done the ground work and someone puts a complaint in, you’ll be covered and protected. 

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