Loneliness 💙 Visiting a meet-up to connect with other local women. The focus was in and around the idea of resilience. Who doesn’t need more of this right?

Maybe a little woo woo for some, but lately I’ve found myself drawn to finding out more about this stuff. Why we are here? What is our purpose? Why we are faced with certain challenges. Is there a reason for any of it? Is any of it co-incidence?

So many questions.

At the end of the session yesterday, I pulled this card before leaving… loneliness.

At first I was taken back because of the negative idea around loneliness.

Then I realised this : We are on the right path. Connecting with other women. Loneliness is at the root of all we do.

As long as we keep going, We are never ever alone.

Even when it feels like you’re completely alone.

Know that we see you and we are here for you.

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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