Has anyone ever talked to you about the mountain journey analogy? If not, I am going to give you a peek into something that I find to be beneficial for my clients when it comes to examining where they are on their healing journey and steps they can take to get to where they want to be.  And you can use this process and assessment I’ve created too! 

What is a mountain journey?

‘The Mountain Journey’ is an analogy used to describe where you are at in your healing and where you would like to be. Where you are at could be the bottom of the mountain, halfway through the climb, or near the peak where you just need support for the steep incline. My question to you is:

Where are you on your mountain journey? 

When people think about training for a sport, an exam, or a big meet or match, they plan to take time out of their schedules to strengthen, practice, and improve where they are at in order to become better and more prepared for the task at hand. This can be true for going on a long backpack journey up the mountain. You need ample resources to make it to the top. 

A mountain journey requires:

  • Research 
  • Supplies
  • Strength training
  • A guide
  • A map 
  • A plan of action 

These things can be true for your health and healing journey as well. Do you have the plan, supplies, and resources you need to make it to the top?

Reflection Questions

Head to this page HERE where I’ve created a step by step survey for you to complete and re-do at anytime, to track your own mountain journey.

  • Do you know where you are on your mountain journey? 
  • Do you know where you are going?
  • Do you have the right resources to get there? 
  • What would it take for you to get to the top? 
  • Do you have a plan that feels achievable and accessible to you? 

Reaching the top of the mountain

After you take some time to ponder and reflect on those questions, I want to invite you to take action. What is one actionable step you can take to support yourself on your journey? 

If you have no clue or are wanting to take the leap, book a clarity call with me to find out how I can support you. I have been where you are and I needed a team of support and resources to get me to where I am right now. Healing and health are a journey and it’s important that we look at it that way. Through this lens we can start to create transformational change. 

It is important that you feel equipped and ready for what life may throw at you. Having a healthy nervous system and a toolbox of resources to turn to when in need are vital for transformation.  

I hope you have found this analogy to be helpful and as always, thank you for saving room for me in your inbox and I look forward to connecting with you further. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram and join my Mindbody Reset Community group where I share posts about all things psychology, self-care, and neuroscience. 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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