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  • Lisa Gumieniuk helps busy professional women who are stressed, anxious and tired to eliminate overwhelm, overcome restless sleep, regain their energy, and improve their digestion & weight...

    so that they can experience more fulfilling and emotionally connected relationships, sleep soundly, be present with their families and discover that balance is NOT an illusion!

    With alternatives to positive affirmations, talk therapy!

    Because time poor women who are constantly multitasking, don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about their problems or ‘just thinking positively’ and hoping they are going to feel better!

    They need 1:1 support and guidance that gets to THEIR specific root cause, and turns it around quickly and with proven results!

    In 2012 Lisa fell ill with Glandular Fever, had a car accident, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, then adrenal fatigue, then Lyme disease, then heavy metal toxicity, then shingles, then the list goes on!

    She turned her life around and now combines her personal and professional experience & expertise to bring women a unique approach and solutions with real results & transformative experiences combining over 10 modalities, ranging from scientific and evidenced based techniques, such as psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity and EFT to those which are energetic related such as neurolinguistic programming, energetic health, working in the quantum field and quantum physics.


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