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Lisa Gumieniuk's Bio​

Lisa is a Certified Premium Accredited Evidence-Based EFT and EBEFT for Trauma practitioner and mentor. She has worked with hundreds of clients in the field of chronic and complex illness, emotional dysregulation, stress management and trauma. Her extensive EFT training has been completed under Dr Peta Stapleton, Lorna Stewart, Martine Negro and Graham Nicholls. She also holds many other qualifications including Diplomas in Holistic Nutrition, Energetic Health and many more holistic wellness modalities. A full list of her qualifications can be found HERE. Holding a Bachelor of Business Management, Lisa was also a 1st Year Management and Logistics Tutor at Western Sydney University.

Lisa’s interest in EFT began back in 2013. Her corporate career was hugely successful, she won accolades for her work, married the man of her dreams and felt unstoppable. That was, until her body had other ideas. She was anxious, stuck in overwhelm, recovering from the shock of a car accident, starting an unknown journey with autoimmunity and chronic illness, and was carrying around unresolved trauma.

What helped Lisa MOST, was identifying, unblocking and releasing the root emotional cause of her dis-ease, and EFT played a huge part in this healing journey.

Ever since her experience, Lisa has been passionate about helping others learn to regain their health. She believes that no one should have to struggle endlessly before they discover how to empower themselves to change their own stress response!

In clinical work, Lisa is passionate about facilitating transformation through her Brain-Body Reset Method, which includes elements of Polyvagal Theory and the Nervous System, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Trauma-Informed and Sensitive, Somatic, Heart Rate Variability and Energy Psychology Practices.

Alongside this, Lisa is a Business Mentor and Coach, helping Health and Wellness practitioners to thrive in their business, with clients and in their personal lives – through her Thrive Mind Program.




For 13+ years, I had a corporate & professional career in various roles including as a Project Manager. I was constantly stressed, anxious & overwhelmed. I then spent 6 years recovering from chronic illness whilst unable to work.

Having access to a range of tools and techniques (& being strong and determined) I thought I could do it on my own. But after many years of achieving minimal improvement, I realised I needed personalised answers and support.

I enlisted help & learned about solutions that worked 100% faster than it would have taken me to implement on my own – taking years off my recovery – that I thought was never going to end!

I was then able move beyond the 4 walls of my home, bed & brain fog! I now spend my time helping others to reclaim their lives!


I help others to… 

I’ve discovered some of the most powerful, little-known strategies that can enable you to go from surviving to thriving, chaos to clarity, fast!

Want to know how?




Are you wanting freedom from cycles of chronic stress, anxiety, symptoms & illness that limit how you show up and function in life?

Does your week look like…

❓ Low energy levels including fatigue or burnout

❓ Poor sleep

❓ Autoimmunity

❓ Chronic pain

❓ Autoimmunity and inflammatory responses

❓ Sensitivities to sound, touch, food, chemicals or EMFs

❓ Digestive and gut issues

❓ Exposure to stressful situations

❓ Easily triggered or hypervigilant

❓ Feelings of anxiety, panic or overwhelm with challenges calming a racing

❓ Feeling depressed, hopeless or helpless

❓ Feeling disconnected from yourself or others

I know all too well what it’s like to be unwell.  I’ve been there myself!

Would you like to experience inner peace, calm and restored health so you can thrive again and get back to enjoying life?

If so, I can help!

You’ve likely tried it all …yet you’re still feeling stuck? I hear you.

➡️ Dr Google

➡️ Self-help approaches

➡️ Talk therapy & a list of practitioners

➡️ Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathing and more!

The Key Elements I have found to be missing are…

🧠 Brain changing & rewiring approaches,

🧠 Regulating an overactivated nervous system response, and

🧠 A formula for restoring health that is customised to YOU!

The Reset Method is a 1:1 transformation journey I developed that goes beyond well-known approaches to restoring health, and by-passes layers to get to the root and core of healing!

With a corporate background in project management, combined with my own complex illness journey, I know what it’s like to be stuck in chronic stress AKA fight and flight!  My personal health experience and dedication has allowed me to develop this ground-breaking approach to restoring health that I can now bring to you!

Ready to regain your health and get back to life again?

I invite you to message me LinkedIn or book a Clarity Session to take the next step


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