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SAI Successful Ageing Podcast

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100% Yourself with Barbera

Talking about what it means to be 100% Yourself

1:1 Career Conversation Podcast

Helping Women Reach their Full Potential

Sacred Ancestry Podcast

Chaos to Clarity & Healing

Finding Clarity Podcast

Why You Need to Love Your Central Nervous System

purposeful conversations with Emee

Transforming Chaos into Clarity

Toxin Terminator Podcast

Energetic Healing Methods

The Humming Bird Talks

Talking about Stress, Anxiety and Wellbeing

Me After Work Podcast

How chronic illness changed my life... for the better

Speaking Appearances & Interviews

Lisa Gumieniuk's Bio

Lisa helps busy, professional women like you who are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed…

…to discover the real cause of their struggle and overcome it, so they can experience:

  • a clear action plan
  • a feeling of inner calm, clarity and confidence
  • knowing they’re in control of their life

…(with real-life tools other than positive affirmations and talk therapy).

Time-poor woman with loads on their plate,  don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about their problems and ‘just thinking positively’ is not enough!

The need to get to THEIR specific root cause and change it, so they can feel better, fast.

For over 13 years, Lisa had a corporate and professional career as a Project Manager. She was constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. She then spent 6 years recovering from chronic illness whilst unable to work.

Having access to a range of tools and techniques (and being strong and determined) Lisa thought she could do it on my own.  But after many years of achieving minimal improvement, she realised she needed personalised answers and support.

She enlisted help and learned some solutions that worked at least 100% faster than it would have taken her to do it on her own. This took years off her healing journey (that she thought was never going to end!)

Lisa was then able move beyond the 4 walls of her home, bed and brain fog! She now spends her time exercising, implementing the Self Care and Self Healing techniques and helping others to regain their lives!

Now, she’s here to help and support women. She’s discovered some of the most powerful, little-known strategies that can enable women to go from surviving to thriving, chaos to clarity, fast!

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