I know that here in Sydney and other parts of Australia we are back in lockdown with many living in uncertainty, fear, overwhelm and stress. I want you to know that I am right there with you. This week I wanted to give you some extra support during this challenging and uncertain time. 

Feelings during lockdown that might arise

If you are in Oz, or anywhere else in the world that is going through another series of lockdowns and restrictions, know that some challenging emotions and feelings might be coming to the surface: 

  • Stress around being at home with family or housemates with no personal space
  • Anxiety about work and money 
  • Uncertainty around returning to “life” again 
  • Depression due to isolation for extended periods of time 
  • Balancing a huge load and pressure around homeschooling and work all at once!
  • Overwhelm with having to navigate work, family, and life in lockdown 

If any of those resonate with you, know that you are not alone and I want to give you some tips to cope with this transitional way of living for the time being. The most important thing is to have patience and understanding for yourself as you navigate through this.

Ways to reframe and support yourself during uncertainty

My feelings and emotions are not my permanent state

Each difficult feeling and emotion that arises will not last forever and the sooner you choose to acknowledge the feeling and “ride the wave” of what has come up, the sooner you can arrive at acceptance and the feeling can start to dissipate. 

I can choose to find ways to support myself and my nervous system each day

Even though it may feel like we are not in control, we can choose ways to support our bodies every day.. Even if it’s walking the neighbourhood, doing a night time ritual, or doing some tapping or breathwork exercises. What would feel supportive right now? 

In moments of overwhelm, I can find gratitude for what I do have and remember the things that are in my control

When you catch yourself in worry or overwhelm, try to come back to the present moment and remember what is in your control and give gratitude for the things that make you feel supported and cared for in the present moment. 


All three of these ways to reframe may seem like micro mind shifts, but it is within those moments that we can create a new perspective, have support, or receive deeper feelings of calm. 

What next?

If you identify with any of the common feelings during lockdown and you are wanting some extra support during this challenging time, book a clarity call with me to find out how I can support you further in your journey. Now more than ever, a support system can be so beneficial. 

As always, thank you for saving room for me in your inbox and I look forward to connecting with you further. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram where I share posts about all things psychology, self-care, and neuroscience. 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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