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Join Lisa Gumieniuk in her MindBody Reset Community Membership, where she guides you to to discover wellness within yourself — a revolutionary approach that’s helping millions of women around the globe manage and overcome anxiety, stress, chronic illness and more!! 

ONLY $47/month

Start living a life of Wellness that you deserve today!

The monthly 1.5h MindBody Reset Wellness experiences take you on a journey to create your own emotional, mental and/or physical wellbeing.

You may also experience the following transformations:

— Reduced feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and reduced cortisol levels

— Feeling calm, refreshed and balanced

— Finding peace of mind & emotional freedom

— Improvements in your sleep quality

— Increased energy levels

— Boosting your immune system

— Changing your genetics & rewiring your brain

— Feel supported, connected & nurtured


Lexi J Carroll

Lisa is an incredible woman, a highly skilled practitioner, and her ability to hold space for you is just amazing!! Lisa has an amazing ability to hold space for people, she is focused, kind, and loving and generous and intelligent. She can hold the attention of a room, she has the ability to share her story in a way that others can learn from it, and she has a beautiful calm but bright energy. I love your calming and bright energy!! That’s the best way for me to describe it, it’s calming but also uplifting!!! I love her events, and her MindBody Reset Workshops are such a beautiful time to reconnect and really give myself a gift of time and loving energy. Thank you Lisa for creating this space!!


Whats inside the membership:


Live 1.5 hour Experience

Join the monthly Wellness Within – MindBody Reset LIVE experience online via zoom with an intimate group of like-minded women held on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm (AEDT, Sydney)


Weekly Wellness Webinar

Every Monday at 10:00am AEDT (Sydney time), Lisa will run a Facebook Live Mini Wellness webinar in the *Members* only Group so you can start your Monday with some Motivation and feel calm and ready to head into the week


A *Members Only* Support & Group

Instant access to the *Members Only* Facebook group full of daily tips, motivation, support and Wellness insights – and support and guidance from me!


A little something send to your mail box

Receive a little something special sent directly to your mail box (YES! Your mail box) to remind you how amazing and deserving your truly are. 

What MindBody Workshop participants have said...


Empower yourself today...

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Meet Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa Gumieniuk is a holistic wellness practitioner coach who is certified in different health and wellness modalities. She’s coached hundreds of women to bring them from Chaos to Calm and create Wellness. Her mission is to use her knowledge to help women overcome stress, overwhelm, and anxiety and achieve a balanced life, so they can succeed in their work and life. After suffering from Chronic Illness for over 7 years, Lisa found a way to Thrive and is now helping others to find their own way back to wellness and THRIVE! 

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If you've tried everything, but still can't manage to shake off anxiety, stress, or chronic illness, this membership is definitely for you...

I am super excited to share this unique life-changing membership with you that you’ll find nurturing, relaxing, supportive and educational.

Gift yourself a new level of wellness and new tools for your toolkit to reset, heal and free yourself from (insert your own personal XYZ here)!

The Experience is:

—  based on a combination of cutting-edge evidence-based science, empirical studies, as well as highly effective Eastern, Energetic Healing and Medicine principles and philosophy.

— beneficial for those looking for support for physical (including pain), emotional and mental wellbeing

— 100% interactive (bring paper, pens, pencils, a switched-on zoom camera and an open mind)

Monthly Experience Structure

— Workshop Opening

— Wellness Assessment

— Intention Setting for Wellness

— Reset Activities Guided by Lisa

— Workshop Reflections, Closing and Next Steps for ongoing Wellness

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