Feeling stuck?

When clients come to me, they often feel let down by mainstream support methods, feel stuck in their journey to heal from chronic illness, chronic stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, burnout and emotional dysregulation, and at a loss about what their next steps are. 

Does this sound like you?

If it does, you’re in the right place.

this program is for you if...

Program approach

My approach to healing is a little bit different: it’s comprehensive, integrative and highly personalised (there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here).

My unique approach goes beyond just mindset and behaviour change to focus on your brain, body and nervous system, and address emotional dysregulation and trauma within the body. Wondering why you haven’t been able to journal or meditate your way out of anxiety, trauma or emotional dysregulation entirely?

You may have heard the concept “the body keeps the score”. This means that traumatic memories and experiences that you were not able to fully process with your rational mind become ‘stuck’ in the body, translated into a type of emotional language beyond your rational comprehension.

As a result, modalities that rely on rational thinking, strategising and talking may help to a certain extent (and I incorporate these wonderful modalities too), however, deep healing requires guiding the body into a healing state through body-based techniques, neural rewiring and nervous system regulation.

If you’re looking for the missing piece of your healing puzzle, this is it. In the Healing State Reset Program, I empower you to resolve your nervous system and emotional dysregulation at the root, so that you can finally move forward and start living the life you’ve been visualizing.

heal your and nervous system to heal your life!

Do you experience the following 'states'?

Is your mind and body in a ‘healing state’ and functionally optimally?

Then, the healing state reset program could help you...

your body is either in a healing state or it is not. It can't be in two states at once!


Modern science has recently had so many breakthroughs in the healing space through research in the areas of: 

We now understand more about the brain and its relationship to the mind.  And that the brain is neuroplastic with the ability to change its structure and function in response to both (physical) activities and (mental) experiences. 

Additionally, interactions between the nervous, immune and endocrine systems and the relationships between mental, emotional & physical processes and health are becoming more understood through the lens of PNI, PVT HRV and EP. 

you can take healing into your own hands ... and into every cell of your mind and body

This program...

This transformative program will help you to guide your body into a state of calm, help you to feel empowered in your healing after feeling stuck for so long, and completely alter the way you relate to your emotions and responses.

From your sleep cycle to your immune system to social engagement, this all-encompassing program goes deep to create a calm, resilient and regulated foundation within you on which to create a more empowering life

healing state

The Healing State Reset Program incorporates approaches that have been shown to result in…

incorporating leading edge science and evidence based techniques to create an optimal healing state

the stress response blocks the bodies ability to heal and function optimally

healing state techniques

With a focus on bottom-up approaches, the Healing State Reset Program incorporates Evidence-based techniques & neural exercises shown to create healing states.  Learn more about Bottom Up and Top Down Approaches HERE

bottom up approaches*

top down approaches

* Including and not limited to the following techniques:  Yoga & Qi Gong, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Eye Movement Reprogramming & Desensitisation (EMDR), Body Scanning and progressive muscle relaxation.

^ Other cognitive techniques may include: thinking, planning, questioning, intention setting, goal setting, journaling, positivity & manifesting

build resilience & regulate your mind and body

the healing state reset program

this transformational program is...

The healing state reset PROGRAM

You'll receive the following as part of your NEUROPLASTICITY & VAGUS NERVE program...

X extensive training modules

An online  xxx

XX educational, engaging with over X videos. 



comprehensive Resource library

A comprehensive resource library including

  • Over 10 handouts
  • Access to additional resources 
  • XX guided audio with over X hours of listening time
  • XX guided movement videos
  • XX with over 5 hours of viewing
  • XX sample sessions for you to learn from


community & connection


with easy to use and implement micro practices

Exercises to reset and rewire neural networking (the brain) and the nervous system (vagal nerve) and the body (emotional releasing)


This program is 100% online at your own pace. 

I have had my own chronic health challenges that led me to seek complementary and supportive techniques to heal my own body.  This then drove me to support others to regain their health, so they didn’t have to suffer and experience the long journey that I went through!

I’ve had my own successful clinical practice for many years, working with clients from all over the globe to help them create their own healing.  

To read more of my story and my qualifications, please access my Story page HERE.