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2. Eye Focused Practices

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. (@hubermanlab) YOUR EYES ARE PART OF YOUR BRAIN_Most people don’t realize it but our brain and spinal cord are actually one continuous tube of cells (mainly neurons and glia) and our eyes are actually part of our forebrain. As more cells are added …

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How to Interpret Your Nervous System In this video, you’ll learn:  00:00 How Interpreting your Nervous System is important  02:40 Body Temperature  04:28 Movement 06:06 Movement Direction 08:45 Energy reserves & Energy in the body 11:20 Body Battery 14:50 Body Position 17:00 Thoughts 18:20 Emotions 15:55 Neuroception of Safety 24:45 Social Engagement 21:00 Summary of Interpreting your Nervous System RESOURCES Access …

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Taking a baseline of your Nervous System: Assessments In this video, you’ll learn:  00:00 Mind-Body Assessments Overview 03:35 Ladder Assessment (Nervous System State)  10:20 Polyvagal Map (Nervous System State)  11:17 SUDS Assessment – Subjective Unit of Distress (Emotional State) 20:45 Body Measurement Assessment 24:13 Mind-Body Assessment Recap of the 4 Assessments  RESOURCES Access Resource Guide REFERENCES Course Overview Quick Reset Resource Guide


Favourite BOOKS – Vagus Nerve Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism, by Stanley Rosenberg Vagus Nerve & Polyvagal Theory Exposed: Accessing the Nervus Vagus and the Power of a Healthy Brain-Gut Connection, Ease Gastroparesis, Trauma and Complex PTSD, CPTSD – By Sharon Copeland Polyvagal Theory …

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The following research supports this program.  Psychoneuroimmunology Psychoneuroimmunology: interactions between central nervous system and immune system Psychoneuroimmunology – psyche and autoimmunity Current trends in autoimmunity and the nervous system Psychoneuroimmunology of autoimmune disorders Psychoneuroimmunology of Early-Life Stress: The Hidden Wounds of Childhood Trauma? Psychoneuroimmunology–cross-talk between the immune and nervous systems A systematic review of psychoneuroimmunology-based …

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Favourite Products Nervous System Regulation Products Ear Massage Stick (AUS & International) Eye Pillows (AUS) Wheat Bags (AUS) Weighted Blankets by Big W (AUS) Weighted Blanket by Therapy Blanket (AUS) Weighted Sand Bags x 2 (AUS) Pointer (AUS & International) Smovey Ring (Australia / USA/ International) Ice Packs (AUS & International) Kool and Soothe (AUS) Great …

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>>>Nervous System Overview In this video, you’ll learn:  The Neuroscience of Yoga How Yoga is linked to the Nervous System Different Yoga styles and which are best for nourishing your Nervous System Where to start with Nervous System Yoga How to access Nervous System Yoga online  = Dr. Arielle Schwartz The Neuroscience of Yoga & Calm In …

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Go to course Go to Protocol Clarity Call NEXT STEPS FOR RESTORED HEALTH 1. Join Nervous System Foundations Course 2. Access the Nervous System Phototherapy acu dot protocol 3. Book a Clarity Call to Explore s 1:1 reset with lisa Masterclass time stamps 0:00 Introduction to Restored Health through Nervous System Regulation 0:00 In the …

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Polarity – The Bodies Electrical Flow   We discuss all things Polarity in this talk.  What is it What creates it How to test for it How to reverse / rectify it TIME: 5 MINS  RESET ELEMENT: Rebalance Access Reset Guide Course Overview Quick Reset Resource Guide


I   TECHNIQUE:  TIME: MINS  RESET ELEMENT: Regulate, Rewire, Resolve, Reinstate, Rebalance, Reconnect& Restore Listen to reset audio Access Reset Guide Access Journey Guide Access Inspiration WORDS As Course Overview Quick Reset Resource Guide