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Live Demonstration 3 – with Karem Note: The video freezes towards the end, although the sound continues.  Please continue to listen to this session until the end, to hear about Karem’s results.  In the end, Karem’s image went from one of a rough squares everywhere, like think sandpaper to one of  ‘white flower pots, like morning fragrance’.  Session Overview Problem: …

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Evidence based research 2

The Information presented in this article and the paper below is incredible!  Graig Weiner is a learning trainer in the field of EFT and easily breakdown and explains the evidence presented in the resent EFT study that presented on genetics.    Landmark Study: Evidence That EFT Alters Genetic Expression This article has been replicated as …

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Evidence based research 1

Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health Personally this is one of my all time favorite research papers on EFT!  The results are phenomenal.   In a nutshell The latest EFT research published showcases the physiological changes that occur after tapping. Over 200 adults enrolled in a 4-day EFT Tapping training workshop found …

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Evidence based research 3

How Therapeutic Tapping Can Alter Neural Correlates of Emotional Prosody Processing in Anxiety In a nutshell This study compared two therapeutic interventions, Tapping (similar to that used in the Kick Start Method) and Progressive Muscle Relaxation on a number of patient with anxiety.  In a nutshell : the Progressive Muscle Relaxation showed ‘generally reduced arousal …

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Live Demonstration 2 – with Ann

Session Overview Problem: Confused in my mind & head about weather to work on my business full time take a part time role in IT and work on my business at the same time Beginning Emotions: Anxiety, confused Scale of distress: 7/10 Body sensations: Chest = heaviness and Tummy = uneasy Colour, texture, share, size: …

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Live Demonstration 1 – with Lara

Session Overview Problem: That ‘we’ started the day in disharmony, with the kids in tears, and I could have done better. I’m beating myself up. I’m to come up with a solution. Before Emotions: Upset, frustrated,  overwhelmed, cranky Scale of distress: 8/10 Body sensations: Neck = tight, restricted & heavy. Shoulders = hunched, up around my …

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Lisa’s Personal Story of Chaos to Calm with the Kick Starter Method Note: I didn’t take many photos of myself when I was unwell, as I was 100% focused on surviving each day.  These are two that show part of my journey through illness to wellness.  My journey consisted of overachieving, a Type A personality, people pleasing, no boundaries, poor self-esteem and self-love and always worried and …

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Emotional Emergency Method 1 Correction:  This video is for an Emotional Emergency.  Not a Medical Emergency.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please see a trained or licensed practitioner ASAP. 


PROGRAM REFLECTIONS How you are at the end of the program, it’s now to time explore where you are….   INSTRUCTIONS I invite you to 1.   Spend a few mins on continuing your daily homeplay 2.   Find a quite and safe space to do this when you are in a calm and relaxed state.   PROGRAM REFLECTION …


Self-love and self-acceptance

Self-love and self-acceptance This is a case study on a client in which she had challenge with self-love and self-acceptance. And we know if this is a challenge, then self-care can also be a challenge. Read her story HERE. Feel free to share any thoughts, feelings or ideas in the comments section below.

Maya Shetreat

Maya Shetreat This weeks Real Women story is from Maya Shetreat where she shares her families journey to recovery with nature HERE. Feel free to share any thoughts, feelings or ideas in the comments section below.

Trudy Scott

Trudy Scott This weeks Real Women story is from Trudy Scott herself. Watch her testimonial on the power of food to heal herself HERE. Feel free to share any thoughts, feelings or ideas in the comments section below.

Louise Geary

Louise Geary This weeks Real Women story is from Louise Geary. Louise is am amazing women, but not being loved and valued is a belief she took on when she was younger and it has been holding her back from living her full potential. Louise Geary I recently worked with Lisa and was amazed at …

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Bianca de Reus

Bianca de Reus This weeks Real Women story is from Bianca de Reus. Bianca’s anxiety was linked to grief, sadness and guilt, and it was stopping her from living her life and living her purpose in the world. Bianca de Reus Working as a spiritual entrepreneur, helping people to connect with their Self as …

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Nina Knirel

Nina Knirel This weeks Real Women story is from Nina Knirel. Nina came to me with a lot of anxiety, and on the first occasion her anxiety was overwhelm and manifesting around her college assessment the next day (which she never ended up experiencing) and the second occasion was anxiety around her up coming surgery. …

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