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Favourite Books

Favourite Products & resources Nervous System What Happened to You?  for learning about what happened to you by Dr Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey Healing Power of the Vagal Nerve book for Vagal Exercises Pocket Guide to the Poly-Vagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe by Stephen Porges Mindsight By Dr Dan Siegel (note that …

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Favourite Resources

Favourite Products Nervous System Regulation Products Ear Massage Stick (AUS & International) Eye Pillows (AUS) Wheat Bags (AUS) Weighted Blankets by Big W (AUS) Weighted Blanket by Therapy Blanket (AUS) Weighted Sand Bags x 2 (AUS) Pointer (AUS & International) Smovey Ring (Australia / USA/ International) Ice Packs (AUS & International) Kool and Soothe (AUS) Great …

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Client Resource Library

1. welcome kits 2. session care & reflections 3. homeplay user guides 4. other forms and templates 5. mountain journey process 6. education 7. Videos

SSP Precautions

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a powerful tool for supporting nervous system regulation.  Because of its potency, temporary adverse responses may occur.  For safety and efficacy, please follow these guidelines and additional directions presented in this training and via other methods.      “Less is More.” The SSP cannot be delivered too slowly, but …

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Safe and Sound Protocol Overview

Safe & Sound Protocol Overview The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is an innovative intervention designed to improve an individual’s social communication behaviors by reducing hearing sensitivities (i.e., hyperacusis) and improving the ability to process human speech. The intervention is based on the Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges and is designed to enhance the …

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Sequence 1

NOTES Asked Embedded pressed about  Google drive fro PDFs, videos, audio, images How to centre Vimeo video Social Media how to set up link Image via URL PDF – via google drive VIDEO – via google drive VIMEO SPOTIFY PLAYLIST SOUND CLOUD

3 States of ANS

This PDF outlines 3 states of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).    Which one resonates with you most of the time?  Download resource now

Autonomic nervous system directly controls stem cell proliferation, study shows

Autonomic nervous system directly controls stem cell proliferation, study shows “If you wanted to change the regeneration potential of an organ, for example, you wouldn’t have to stimulate or suppress the activity of those neurons. Instead, you could just figure out what neurotransmitters are controlling proliferation and then get that chemical to those stem cells …

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Vagal Nerve Stimulation

Research has been showing us that Vagal Nerve StimulationReduces Inflammation  ACCESS article now

SSP Summary from Dr Stephen Porges

SSP Summary from Dr Stephen Porges As Dr. Porges describes it, the SSP program provides the “neural platform for neuroplasticity” and better access to “executive and cognitive functions.”

Integrative Listening By Dr Ron Minson NOTE: iLS (Integrative Listening Systems) are the creators of the SSP Program.    In this video Ron Minson says… “Improved physiological state of regulation, [is occurring], where the sound through various pathways, such as the vagal nerve, that has a little branch to the external ear, is stimulated, and the vagus nerve carries parasympathetic …

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QEEG Brain Scan Results

CASE STUDY SUMMARY BY LISA GUMIENIUK This is a pre and post SSP neurofeedback/ EEG report readings which shows a 41%  change in brain mapping in only a few weeks of intervention.  These are very impressive results as it is not common to see changes like this in the neurofeedback world.  Case study: ASD, ADHD …

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Pre & Post Session Tracking

Please complete this form after every session of remote SSP listening.  It will automatically send you AND me a copy of your results which I will review and provide some guidance on. 

Post Session Care Guide

Here is a “short” list of self care resources from Deb Dana’s book. Polyvagal Theory in Therapy. Apply liberally!  Three sighs Stretch, touch, exhale, laugh Two breaths in Transition: practice to build flexibility Sharp in breath: sharp in breath, perhaps hold the breath momentarily, one hand to heart, shoulders tense up, face freezes with eyes …

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Session Sound Test – TEST

You MUST complete a volume test PRIOR to each session.  The volume should be set to the ‘lowest’ comfortable level of listening for you DO NOT change or adjust the volume during your listening session Sometimes I have found the volume TEST to be higher than the volume IN the listening application, if this is …

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(OPTIONAL) Body Perception Questionnaire

When to complete the questionnaire This questionnaire MUST be completed before starting SSP.  Also, complete this questionnaire 6 weeks after completing the protocol.