Why Tapping is THE stress reduction technique to be doing right now! with Dr Peta Stapleton

Dr Peta Stapleton

Clinical Psychologist | Associate Professor Bond University | 2019 Psychologist of the Year 

Benefits of talk

  • Q&A on research and science and stories from EFT trials

Peta’s giFT to you

There are the 4 free resources usually offered after the purchase of The Science Behind Tapping – these include a live keynote recording of Dr Peta Stapleton (me) discussing EFT research, a free ebook of 13 techniques to change behaviour at an unconscious level, a recorded session of Dr Peta working with 11 year Elise on piano exam anxiety, and a free ebook Why Am I So Tired (how to use EFT for energy and fatigue).

Code to enter here for the 4 free resources is 456739112

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