Integrative Listening By Dr Ron Minson

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NOTE: iLS (Integrative Listening Systems) are the creators of the SSP Program. 


In this video Ron Minson says…

“Improved physiological state of regulation, [is occurring], where the sound through various pathways, such as the vagal nerve, that has a little branch to the external ear, is stimulated, and the vagus nerve carries parasympathetic input, that downregulates the sympathetic nerves system, which causes overarousal and the inability to calm, shift gears easily.  So this is one of the ways in which we know that this system works.  Of course, we are using neuroplasticity, thank goodness for the brain’s ability to change form and function into the response to stimulation.

So we are not only increasing the number of connections, and making new connections, but we are also enhancing and improving, those connections and neural pathways that already exist.