Music Guide & Overview

Enhancing neural network change and plasticity with music

1. start watching video

2. Music Set Up

You know I am always looking for ways to enhance your healing with Brain and Nervous System approaches!

Today I am sharing with you an additional element you are invited to ‘trial’ prior to your next session, to confirm if it may be beneficial to add it into your session with me to enhance it further.   

What’s involved – The Next Steps

  1. You will need approximate 30-45 mins to complete this process
  2. Start by watching this 14 minute video (above) you can adjust the speed of the video if you’d like to listen to is faster)
  3. Identify your chosen listening device/s
  4. Download the music
  5. Choose a song to listen too.  Note, if you are becoming activated, please stop the music, or try another track (some tracks are softer than others)
  6. Listen for a few minutes with the volume at a level that you can just hear it
  7. Complete the online survey
  8. Email me if you have any questions
  9. Be ready with a chosen song and device for your next session with me.

Sound Sensitive Clients

I know some of you receiving this message as thinking … ‘Lisa, but I am sensitive to music’. 

I hear you. 

And I invite you to use your discernment as to testing this music and also for the length of time you may test it for.

And know that if the music is activating for you, it is perfectly OK, that it may not be OK for you right now!

3. Music overview

Biolaterial music

BIO-lateral music was created by Dr. David Grand, the developer of Brainspotting (BSP), and is used as a part of Brainspotting.

It is hand panned to increase in volume in the left ear then decrease in volume before slowing increasing in volume in the right ear then decreasing, back and forth…rocking gently between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

It is intended to be played through headphones at a very low, almost imperceptible volume. Many people find it calming while also deepening access to the midbrain for deeper processing.

Bilateral and Biolateral music can be found readily online and through popular music platforms; however, it is always recommended that you try it first in the presence … of an attuned [practitioner] to determine how your brain is likely to respond. 

If you and your [practitioner] believe it fits for your process, you may use them at other times during your week or you may only use these types of music while working with your [practitioner]. 

While the two can easily be confused, they are different. I recommend searching for “David Grand” or “Brainspotting” if you are looking for biolateral music, although other options do exist. I believe these free options qualify as biolateral. 

Bilateral Music

Bi-lateral music is used as a part of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing(EMDR) therapy. The sound alternates between the left and right sides of the head in a steady, rhythmic pattern. The rhythmic shift is predictable and can be alerting to some*

ssp/Safe and sound protocol Music

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) uses prosodic vocal music that has been filtered to train the middle ear to tune out low frequency sounds which can be considered signals of danger, while tuning into high frequency sounds that signal safety, like human voices. 

SSP is a stand alone protocol recommended for those with trauma, autism, auditory sensitivities, etc. 

SSP is a protocol that requires oversight by a trained SSP provider [(of which I am), and can support the remove delivery of SSP. To find out more about SSP click the link below.  If you would like to add this to your program, please email me to discuss this and the costs further with me.  


binaural beats

Binaural beats is a technique of combining two slightly different sound frequencies, one in each ear, to create the perception of a single new frequency tone in the brain. 

Different frequencies are used to promote relaxation and positivity or concentration and alertness.  Binaural beats are also readily available online. 

Some [practitioners] have introduced binaural beats into the therapy process. 

SOURCE OF COPY: With gratitude from the blog of Brooke Randolph.

4. initial Music test

Please complete this form after every session of remote SSP listening.  It will automatically send you AND me a copy of your results which I will review and provide some guidance on. 

5. zone of regulation

Zone of regulation 1
Zone of regulation 2
Zone of regulation 3
Zone of regulation 4
Zone of regulation 5