Bianca’s^ period has been spotting between months and she had been working on various physical layers to try and get to the root cause.  She came to me as she knew there was an emotional component to what she was physically experiencing.  We dug a little further and she had a belief that…

“My progesterone is not as amazing as it should be” and when she turned into her body, it felt tight in her solar plexus.  

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We only had a 5 minute time frame to do some healing on this area of her body and at the end of the healing, her solar plesus was lighter AND she said …

  • It’s NOT true any more!  That is she no longer felt that it was true that her “My progesterone is not as amazing as it should be”!
This is hugely significant for both Bianca AND for you! If you have ever believed that something is not working the way it should, then it won’t work the way it should! Bianca was able to shift her belief within a few minutes, sending the right message to her progesterone that it is working just as it should be! 

Your beliefs become your reality and shifting them can result of some profound physical healing! 


 * The self administered SUE (Subjective Unite of Experience) scale) was used for feedback.  ^ Client name has been changed for the purposed of this article 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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