Unlock Your Full Potential:
Master Your Nervous System to Transform Both Your Personal Health and Your Professional Clinical Practice


What if, in just a few sessions, you could regain control over your stress, emotions and boundaries and transform the way you manage your professional responsibilities and personal health? 

Imagine feeling more balanced, resilient, and in control. Picture your practice flourishing as you apply these newfound skills, enhancing both your personal well-being and professional success. How might this change the way you operate daily and the quality of care you provide?

Here's the problem...

As a pracittioner and healer practitioner, you face a unique set of challenges that extend beyond your clients care! Your role demands not only professional expertise but also personal resilience, yet often, the tools for self regulation and resilience remain just out of reach.

Your Possible Future

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Practitioner Results

Don’t just take my word for it—listen to practitioners who have transformed their professional lives and personal health through our work together.

I Love Lisa's Mindset! I highly recommend working with Lisa. She is amazing at supporting people with their health and emotions and what comes up for them.
Naturopath , PT & Health VA
Lisa is an incredible woman, a highly skilled practitioner, and her ability to hold space for you is just amazing!! Lisa has an amazing ability to hold space for people, she is focused, kind, and loving and generous and intelligent. She can hold the attention of a room, she has the ability to share her story in a way that others can learn from it, and she has a beautiful calm but bright energy. I love your calming and bright energy!! That’s the best way for me to describe it, it’s calming but also uplifting!!! I love her events, and her groups are such a beautiful time to reconnect and really give myself a gift of time and loving energy. Thank you Lisa for creating this space!!
Lexi J Carroll
I love what I do. I am passionate about helping women awaken and transform using psychotherapy and energy work but when it came to the business side of things I felt cloudy and overwhelmed. It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no-one can find you though so I knew something needed to shift but I didn't know where to start. Working with Lisa was a game changer for me. She helped me get clear on my goals and helped me work through my own blocks around growth and expansion. Lisa not only helped me transform my beliefs around business, she also gave me practical and useful advice on how to action the marketing side of things. Specific processes and tools that made growing my business seem effortless. Lisa kept me accountable and was always there for support. I highly recommend working with Lisa; she is knowledgeable, conscious and compassionate but also tough enough to keep you accountable so you can reach your goals .
When I think of words to describe Lisa I think of empathetic, non-judgemental, warm, friendly and fun. Lisa has helped me move forward in areas of my life where I was holding myself back but couldn’t understand why or what to do to move past it. She intuitively chooses techniques and asks questions that uncover what’s really going on. Lisa is someone who cares strongly about her clients’ wellbeing and is passionate about passing on what she’s learned, having been through tough times herself. I’m very happy to recommend her services.
Life Coach & EFT Tapping

If you're ready to step into this journey of transformation, in your life and practice, I'm here to guide you!


My exclusive 1:1 Nervous System & Business Mentoring designed specifically for health practitioners like you!

Here’s what you’ll receive in our 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Choose the level of support that's right for you!

In order to best support you to achieve your personalized goals and for you to get the most long lasting results, I suggest starting with the 90 Day Journey – Practitioner Nervous System & Business Transformation Journey (1x Initial + 7x Follow Up Sessions). These programs are aimed at restoring you to maximum resilience, using a comprehensive and proven plan – the method incorporates a holistic approach to brain, nervous system and business wellness. 

If you’re unsure which package is right for you, we can discuss this during your Introduction Clarity Session and learn how I can support you best.

Master your nervous system, master your practice

why choose mentoring?

Unlike generic programs, this mentoring is customised entirely to your needs, focusing on the critical intersection of your personal health and professional excellence in clinical practice and client care!

Invest in your future now! For a limited time, embark on this transformative journey.  Here’s what your investment covers:


Clarity Session

Single Sessions


(Valid for 60 Days)

(Valid for 90 Days)

(Valid for 120 Days)


More client results

Lisa has been very helpful to me in the process of learning how to practice EFT and how to integrate it with other skills that I already have in my tool basket as a therapist for more than 20 years. Seeing and experiencing her integration of EFT and Brainspotting was enlightening. Lisa helped me feel “unstuck,” in my work with difficult clients at times when I felt quite stuck. Learning EFT is not easy. Lisa expressed empathy and encouragement that helped keep me going in this difficult process when I was feeling discouraged. In a session I will never forget, she helped me identify specific steps I needed to take to continue healing from “Long COVID” brain fog and fatigue. Lisa has been so helpful to me and I highly recommend her services.
Therapist - 20 years
Lisa is an amazing wellness warrior who researches and tests many modalities and has overcome great challenges herself! Her dedication to health and lifestyle is evident through her uplifting messages! Well done Lisa!​
Tennille Pooley
Salt Bush Healing
I found that in 3 to 5 mins of Lisa’s method can pull myself back into line and calm myself which really feeds out to the rest of my family so it’s made massive shifts for us in this house.
I find Lisa to be extremely intuitive, caring and often asks relevant questions to get to the heart of issues. She keeps herself up-to-date with the latest health developments in her field of expertise, and I know I can always rely on Lisa for her amazing wisdom and support. Thank you, Lisa....you are truly a gift to many, including other practitioners out there!
Ann Hawley

Are you ready to transform? Apply now to begin your journey toward a healthier, more balanced professional life where you lead by example.

Is this Approach Right for You?

This approch
IS for You If:

This approch is NOT for You If:


The best way to find out is to schedule a FREE 30-minute Nervous System and Business Assessment & Clarity Session. This session allows you to meet Lisa, discuss your specific concerns related to personal health and business challenges, and understand her approach to integrating nervous system mastery into your professional life. You’ll gain clarity on whether Lisa’s personalised, nervous system, somatic and business methods align with your needs and goals.

Lisa works with clients globally and strives to accommodate various time zones. If you don’t see a convenient time available, please contact Lisa directly at lisa@lisagumieniuk.com to arrange a session at a time that suits you.

Each follow-up session lasts 90 minutes and includes a review of your progress, a check-in on nervous system regulation, adjustments to your customised plan based on recent developments, and ongoing coaching and support. These sessions are essential for maintaining momentum and ensuring the continuous application of strategies in both your personal and professional life

Ahead of your first paid session, please provide any relevant personal and professional background information that could help Lisa tailor her mentoring to your specific situation. This preparation ensures that every session is focused and productive.

Lisa combines her expertise in nervous system regulation with business mentoring to offer a comprehensive approach that enhances both your personal resilience and your professional effectiveness. This integrative method ensures you can manage stress, avoid burnout, and improve your practice management skills.

Absolutely. Lisa specialises in helping practitioners who face high levels of stress or are on the verge of burnout. She focuses on practical, effective strategies for nervous system regulation that can be seamlessly integrated into daily professional routines, providing relief and fostering long term health and business success.

Lisa is experienced in addressing a wide array of challenges, including:

  • Stress and Burnout
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Nervous System Dysregulation
  • Chronic and complex illness (Refer to Qualifications page)
  • Professional and Personal Balance Issues
  • Enhancing Business Operations through Improved Personal Health.

Her comprehensive background allows her to support practitioners facing a variety of personal and professional hurdles.

Unlike standard coaching services, Lisa’s mentoring is deeply rooted in understanding and regulating the nervous system to improve both health and business outcomes. Her approach not only addresses immediate concerns but also equips you with long term strategies to manage stress, optimise your health, and enhance your professional practice.

This free session is designed to evaluate your current nervous system health, discuss your professional challenges, and provide clarity on how Lisa’s mentoring can support your goals. It’s an opportunity to understand the direct benefits of integrating nervous system regulation into your personal and professional life. And to gai clarity on the next steps of working together.

In the initial session, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment that covers both your health and business practices. Lisa will provide personalised coaching and create a plan with actionable steps that cater specifically to your needs.

The initial Assessment & Clarity Session is complimentary. Following this, the pricing for the initial comprehensive session and follow-up sessions is available on this page and can also be discussed during your clarity session, with details on package options that offer additional value.

Lisa’s mentoring program is designed to address both personal health and professional challenges. She has extensive experience helping practitioners manage conditions like anxiety, chronic stress, and burnout, and chronic illness, ensuring that your health concerns are integrated into a holistic approach to improve both your wellness and professional performance.

By mastering nervous system regulation, you’ll develop better stress management techniques, which can lead to more effective decision making, enhanced client interactions, and improved overall business operations. This balanced approach helps you maintain high professional standards while taking care of your personal health.

Yes, a key component of Lisa’s mentoring involves teaching you how to set healthy boundaries and manage your time efficiently. These skills are crucial for maintaining a work life balance and ensuring that your professional responsibilities do not overwhelm your personal life.

Each session includes a review of your progress, a discussion on current challenges, and tailored advice on integrating nervous system regulation techniques into your daily routine. Sessions are flexible and adapted to your specific needs, ensuring personalised support.

Absolutely. Lisa’s program is beneficial for both new and experienced practitioners. New practitioners can build a strong foundation by learning essential nervous system regulation techniques, while experienced practitioners can refine their skills and address any ongoing issues.

Lisa provides continuous support through follow-up sessions and is available for check-ins via email (for packages). Additionally, you may also have access to tailored resources and actionable plans to keep you focused and motivated between sessions.

Yes, the mentoring sessions are highly customisable. Whether you need to focus more on personal health, professional development, or a balance of both, Lisa will tailor her approach to meet your specific goals and challenges.

Results vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific issues being addressed. However, many clients begin to notice improvements in their stress levels, resilience, and professional performance within the first few sessions (often the 1st one!)

There are no long-term commitments required. You can choose to continue sessions based on your needs and progress. Lisa offers flexible packages and single-session options to accommodate your schedule and requirements.

Lisa combines her extensive experience in nervous system regulation with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by practitioners – as a result of her own journey. Her comprehensive approach and personalised strategies make her uniquely qualified to help you achieve both personal and professional success.

More Practitioner Results

It was a really good mentoring session. It has helped me to sift into the ways and things i need to be considering in the room. To be honest I am just digesting it all and awaiting to use this in the room again with a client to put into practice. I am doing a bit more tapping on myself throughout the day. I will do this again this afternoon as I have a client who does have a history of trauma and it's our second session, so its a good reminder to not go too deep too soon. I look forward to our next session!
Katie P
EFT Practitioner
Lisa brings an immediate sense of ease to her sessions, with warmth, caring and knowledge creating a sense of safety and comfort. She is confident as a practitioner, with many skills to draw upon, but also helped me to feel empowered in my own knowing and personal journey, gently guiding with grace and respect.
Ariel B
EFT Practitioner
Lisa is very passionate about what she does and puts you at ease right away. After seeing Lisa I was feeling more positive. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and clearly enjoys helping others along their healing journey.
Kevin Zabow
Heal & Grow Kinesiology
Lisa! Thanks a lot, the session was a closing door to the out world and an opening to the inner. There were a lot of sensations, vibrations, memories and emotions rising through the session, however I felt easy at most of the time. I will be back soon.
Massage Therapist

Strengthen your business by mastering your own nervous system. Learn to harness the power of self-regulation to not only enhance your personal resilience but also elevate your professional practice. Join us to become a leader in transforming health through self mastery and business acumen.

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