Chaos to Calm – Kick Starter Course


Go from chaos to calm in under 5 minutes!


If you’ve tried everything, but still can’t manage to shake off stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, this program is definitely for you. 

The kick starter method is one of the latest innovations in mental and emotional health that’s helping millions of women worldwide. 

  • Learn all about the kick starter program and how to use it to stop stress, overwhelm, and anxiety now. 
  • Discover the amazing science behind this technique and how it can help you release your stressful thoughts. 
  • Learn this new method that can calm your nervous system during an emotional emergency. 

1. Start living a calmer life with the Kick Starter Method. 

What you’ll gain after taking this course:

2. A powerful technique to stop stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in less than 5 minutes.  

Learn all about a technique being used all over the world to manage anxiety, depression, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this course, Lisa will teach you how to effectively perform the kick starter method, so you too can overcome negative and overwhelming emotions in under 5 minutes. 

3. Freedom from negative thoughts and feelings.

Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings with the kick starter method. This powerful technique is developed to create emotional freedom, so you can live a life free from thoughts that drag you down.

4. Regain control over your mind, body and heart. 

Practicing the kick starter method regularly will help you unlock a calmer mind in times of chaos. And with the BONUS emotional emergency technique, you’ll also learn how take control of your body once stress, anxiety, and depression creeps in, so you can stop it before it takes over you. 

What’s inside the course:

1. Over 3.5 hours of video content.

Learn how to effectively use the Kick Starter Method to overcome your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in less than 5 minutes.

2. A BONUS short course. 

On top of the Kick Starter Method, Lisa will also teach you how to use the emotional emergency method to immediately calm your nervous system.

3. FREE Chaos to Calm regular e-mails.

Get exclusive tips and insights that’ll help you discover more ways of feeling calm. 


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