You are invited to complete this review (which will be automatically emailed to yourself and to me) prior to your Follow Up Session. 

This helps YOU to have a greater understanding of the journey you have been on, what has changed for you and also helps me to understand how to best support you in the future and how I can improve and grow myself and best support others in the future.  

It’s a win-win and well worth completing as we so often forget just how far we have come and forget to give ourselves credit for that! 

You are invited to complete this online form below to have it automatically emailed to you & me before your Follow Up Session.  

What next?

It has been an absolute gift to have supported you on your recent Reset Journey! 

I hope the journey was of support, comfort and inspiration to you over the last weeks/months.  And that you have gathered new tools, skills and inner resilence that you never knew you had!  

Thank you so much for showing up to your sessions just as you are and sharing your inner world with me. 

I hope you might be back and we can reconnect again in the future at a right time for you!

There are many options available for you now:

And remember that reaching the top of your current or new mountain is absolutely possible for you! 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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