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You know that healing is not a one-size-fits-all process. But you’ve tried all the mainstream methods – meditation, journaling, talk therapy, oh my! – and you’re still feeling stuck in your tracks, like there’s something missing, and you’re unsure what your next steps are. Worry no more.

The Nervous System Reset Community is making hard-to-find transformative healing techniques accessible, actionable, and EMPOWERING.

Nervous System Reset - monthly group transfromations

If you’re eager to go beyond mindset and behaviour change, and discover a new approach that incorporates brain, body and nervous system-based modalities that enable deep healing, join an incredible community of women who are all on the same journey as you. Become part of a collective where you feel truly seen, heard and can transform together – as women support women.  

Inside this community, find the relief, calm, and balance that you once believed couldn’t be found. Gain lifelong tools and techniques that guide your body into a healing state, and help you tap into inner peace with effortless ease. Start living your life of wellness.


The monthly LIVE 1.5h Nervous System Reset experience takes you on a journey to create your own emotional, mental and/or physical wellbeing.


heal your nervous system, heart and mind in a collective online space


Lisa is an incredible woman, a highly skilled practitioner, and her ability to hold space for you is just amazing!! Lisa has an amazing ability to hold space for people, she is focused, kind, and loving and generous and intelligent. She can hold the attention of a room, she has the ability to share her story in a way that others can learn from it, and she has a beautiful calm but bright energy. I love your calming and bright energy!! That’s the best way for me to describe it, it’s calming but also uplifting!!! I love her events, and her MindBody Reset Workshops are such a beautiful time to reconnect and really give myself a gift of time and loving energy. Thank you Lisa for creating this space!!

what's inside the membership


Live 1.5 hour monhtly transformational Experience

Join the monthly Nervous System Reset LIVE experience online via zoom with an intimate group of like-minded women (see 2023 schedule and times below)


A *Members Only* Support & Group

Instant access to the *Members Only* Facebook group full of daily tips, motivation, support and Nervous System insights – and support and guidance from me!



A MindBody Reset Audio Journey

Access to a members only Nervous System mindfulness and meditation audio experience to start the experience and journey of connecting your mind and your body. (Valued at $19)

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empower yourself today

about me

After working with hundreds of women to achieve breakthroughs & transformations, you can be confident knowing that you’ll discover and have access to the best strategies to use to help you break free from your current situation. 

My mission is to help you avoid the mistakes that so many women make, so you can start to live the life you dreamed of as soon as possible.  Plus, you’ll learn exactly what you need to create a health you want. 


An integrative and trauma informed Brain, Nervous System and Body Practitioner who is certified in different health and wellness modalities.


After suffering from Chronic Illness for over 7 years, Lisa found a way to Thrive and is now helping others to find their own way back to wellness and THRIVE! 


I’m looking forward to support you too! 


Lisa Gumieniuk 


If you've tried everything, but still can't manage to shake off anxiety, stress, or chronic illness, this membership is definitely for you...

I am super excited to share this unique life-changing membership with you that you’ll find nurturing, relaxing, supportive and educational.

Gift yourself a new level of wellness and new tools for your toolkit to reset, heal and free yourself from (insert your own personal XYZ here)!

The Experience is:

—  based on a combination of cutting-edge evidence-based science, empirical studies, as well as highly effective Eastern, Energetic Healing and Medicine principles and philosophy.

— beneficial for those looking for support for physical (including pain), emotional and mental wellbeing

— 100% interactive (bring paper, pens, pencils, a switched-on zoom camera and an open mind)

Monthly Nervous System Experience Structure

— Workshop Opening

— Nervous System Wellness Assessment

— Intention Setting for Wellness

— Reset Activities Guided by Lisa

— Workshop Reflections, Closing and Next Steps for ongoing Wellness

2023 Schedule

Australian 2023 Reset Dates 

Tuesday 16th January @ 7pm

Tuesday 28th February @ 7pm

Tuesday 28th March @ 7pm

Tuesday 18th April @ 7pm

Tuesday 23rd May @ 7pm

Tuesday 27th June @ 7pm

Tuesday 11th July @ 7pm

Tuesday 22nd Aug @ 7pm

Tuesday 26th Sep @ 7pm

Tuesday 24th Oct @ 7pm

Tuesday 28th Nov @ 7pm

Tuesday 12th Dec @ 7pm

* Time is Sydney, Australia (AEDT)
* Note: another Reset for those in the US/Canada and Mexico will occur 2 days after the above dates at 9.30am Sydney time

Christmas Client Special 2023 (AUS & International)

Christmas Client Special Wednesday 20th @ 9.30am Sydney time (for Australian and International clients)

USA/Canada/Mexico etc. 2023 Reset Dates 

Thursday 18th January @ 9.30am

Thursday 2nd March @ 9.30am

Thursday 30th March @ 9.30am

Thursday 20th April @ 9.30am

Thursday 25th May @ 9.30am

Thursday 29th June @ 9.30am

Thursday 13th July @ 9.30am

Thursday 24thAug @ 9.30am

Thursday 28th Sep @ 9.30am

Thursday 26th Oct @ 9.30am

Thursday 30th Nov @ 9.30am

Thursday 14th Dec @ 9.30am

* Time is Sydney, Australia (AEDT). This equates to Wednesday evening USA/Canada/Mexico time

Christmas Client Special 2023 (AUS & International)

Christmas Client Special Wednesday 20th @ 9.30am Sydney time (for Australian and International clients).  This is Tuesday evening in the USA/Canada/Mexico. 

2024 Schedule

Australian 2024 Reset Dates 

Tuesday 16th January @ 7pm 
Tuesday 20th February @ 7pm 
Tuesday 26th March @ 7pm 
Tuesday 16th April @ 7pm 
Tuesday 28th May @ 7pm 
Tuesday 25th June @ 7pm 
Tuesday 16th July @ 7pm 
Tuesday 27th Aug @ 7pm 
Tuesday 24th Sep @ 7pm 
Tuesday 22nd Oct @ 7pm 
Tuesday 26th Nov @ 7pm 
Tuesday 10th Dec @ 7pm

* Time is Sydney, Australia (AEDT)
* Note: another Reset for those in the US/Canada and Mexico will occur 2 days after the above dates at 9.30am Sydney time

Christmas Client Special 2024 (AUS & International)

Christmas Client Special Wednesday 18th @ 9.30am Sydney time (for Australian and International clients)

USA/Canada/Mexico etc. 2024 Reset Dates 

Thursday 18th January @ 9.30am
Thursday 22nd February 9.30am
Thursday 28th March 9.30am
Thursday 18th April 9.30am
Thursday 30th May 9.30am 
Thursday 27th June 9.30am
Thursday 18th July 9.30am
Thursday 29th Aug 9.30am
Thursday 26th Sep 9.30am 
Thursday 24th Oct 9.30am
Thursday 28th Nov 9.30am 
Thursday 12th Dec 9.30am

* Time is Sydney, Australia (AEDT).  This equates to Wednesday evening USA/Canada/Mexico time

Christmas Client Special 2024 (AUS & International)

Christmas Client Special Wednesday 18th @ 9.30am Sydney time (for Australian and International clients).  This is Tuesday evening in the USA/Canada/Mexico. 


Each guided Nervous System Reset Experience including a combination of techniques which may include and are not limited to the following:

  • Trauma-informed approaches
  • Neural/Neuroplasticity practices (including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Nervous system retraining
  • Stress reduction & resilience exercises
  • Mind-body connection (aka Somatics, Heart Math)
  • Psychological acupuncture (including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) and Though Field Therapy)
  • Movement – including shaking, stretch & yoga
  • Subconscious releasing of experiences, personal and intergenerational traumas
  • Breathwork
  • Laughing Yoga
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Positive Psychology & Behaviour Change
  • Cards (including Affirmation, Reflection & Insights, Healing, Oracle and more)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy Healing and Medicine
  • Journaling, drawing, reflection, sharing and much more…

The investment is $47 per month and will automatically reoccur unless cancelled prior. 

No, this is is NOT a mediation class. 

Yes, of course, you can join the membership!  We all need a little TLC and Nervous System Reset, in fact, there are several pracs/coaches that are in the community already!

Counsellors, psychologists, coaches and therapists have all joined the community. 

No, the membership currently has a maximum of 20 members – so it is small and intimate and you won’t get lost in a crowd (as there is no crowd). 

Whilst this IS a transformation space, it does NOT replace the 1:1 support.  If you feel that you are in a trauma state, then please reach out for a clarity session with me and we can discuss the best approach for your needs. 

I have had my own chronic health challenges that led me to seek complementary and supportive techniques to heal my own body.  This then drove me to support others to regain their health, so they didn’t have to suffer and experience the long journey that I went through!

I’ve had my own successful clinical practice for many years, working with clients from all over the globe to help them create their own healing.  

To read more of me – access my story and  qualifications pages.

Once you sign up, you will recieve and email with the following information and instructions. 

Step 1: ​Complete the New Members Form HERE ASAP 

Step 2*: Within 72 hours of you completing the new members’ form, I will manually send you a Welcome Pack which will include all the information you require and your next steps.  Please look out for this in your email box.

Step 3*: Jump on over and join the following Community Groups 

1. Nervous System Reset Community – Client and Members
2. Nervous System Reset and Rewire – General Group

Step 4*: You will be invited to join the next Reset experience. 

* NOTE: You MUST complete the New Members Form prior to Steps 2, 3, and 4!  The New Members form MUST be completed prior to joining a Reset Experience and entering the FB group. 

All sessions are LIVE and are NOT recorded. 

If you are unable to attend or forget to attend a Reset, then you forgo the session.  If you do not attend (for whatever reason) you are not able to carry the session forward to a new month and the sessions are not refundable either. 

Unfortunately, at this stage, it is a women only group. 

membership PARTICIPANT testimonials

let's heal together

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