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The Anxiety Solution Mini Course

Learn about why your current approach to Anxiety and Stress isn’t working and the missing elements to restore health

Health Belief and mindset measure of illness resilience

A foundation for Brain Retraining and Nervous System Regulation


MindBody Reset Tips & Newsletter

Regular tips to help you break the cycle and overcome anxiety, stress, overwhelm, trauma,  chronic illness, autoimmunity and more…

The Anxiety & Stress Assessment

An assessment to gain an understanding of exactly HOW Anxiety, Stress and more is manifesting for your in terms fo symptoms and how you are feeling.  This is a great baseline and standing point. 

3 Ways to Create Calm in Under 10 mins

Here are three easy tangible ways to help bring yourself back into your body and to help calm your nervous system whenever things feel out of your control and you have feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress.

10 Hacks to Create Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Learn about 10 Little knows hacks that can help you to create emotional and mental wellness starting today! 

PAID Programs and Summits

Chaos to Calm Kick Starter Program

  • Join Lisa Gumieniuk in her course where she’ll teach you a revolutionary approach that’s helping millions of women around the globe manage their stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

The Chaos to Calm Summit

30+ Wellness Experts sharing their favourite tools so you can…

  • Find Calm in the Chaos
  • Feel Clearer and in control
  • Equip yourself with practical tools
  • Claim back your strength, confidence and certainty
  • Speaker content valued at over $4,500
  • Speaker Gifts valued at over $2,000
  • Lifetime Access

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