Is self acceptance and self love a challenge for you? This article explore how one client was able to transform their own views within minutes!

Monica^ struggled with self-acceptance and self-love and she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She was supported to be able to uncover that this was due to a number of events that had occurred in her life, and programming and stories she was told from her family – being her mum, dad and grandmother! And these stories went all the way to when she was born (and she’s now over 40!). 

Monica had ONE holistic session, and these are the transformation results from this ONE session! 

“I struggle with self-acceptance and self-love and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin”

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“I see so many obstacles and limitations in my life”.   Monica had a physical tightness in her eyes, which was a physical representation around ‘seeing’ obstacles in her life.  These ‘obstacles’ stopped her from making quick decisions which often meant she missed out on things. At the end of the session Monica felt positive (+10) about moving past these limitations.  The sensation in her eyes had also shifted and she felt as though the new beliefs had been fully integrated into her eyes and body. 

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“I feel suspicious of people and events”. Monica, was able to clear past programming and patterning from stories she was told by her mother and grandmother, which she took on as truths which resulted in her feeling suspicious of other people and events.  

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“I have a fear of the future”.   For Monica, this transformed to no resonance of fear to feeling excited about the future. 


At the end of the session Monica said her belief about herself had changed: 

  • I can work forward into the world with confidence, no hesitation, no matter what I do
  • I feel comfortable in my own skin
  • I feel a change and transformation and I feel so good about myself
Monica’s main blockage in life was that of self-acceptance and though the transformative energy healing session, a  number of aspects associated with this were keeping her internal light from shining.  Once these old programs and beliefs where able to be identified and shifted, the belief about herself was able to shift and be transformed!
Are you struggling with self-acceptance?
Know that you too can clear and transform your beliefs through holistic health and wellness!   


 * The self administered SUE (Subjective Unite of Experience) scale) was used for feedback.  ^ Client name has been changed for the purposed of this article 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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