MindBody Reset Journey: Simply Stopping

The focus of this MindBody Reset is to ‘Simply Stop’. 

In this 5 minute audio, I will guide you through a gentle process of how to stop and allow you the space to slow your body and your mind down.

Length: 5 mins

Focus: Stopping

Method: Audio 

How:  You are welcome to follow the mediation as it is, or if you are familiar with tapping, you are welcome to tap along at the same time. 

Pre Journey: Invite yourself to write down how you FEEL in this moment, before doing this exercise. 

Post Journey:  What impact did stopping and going on this journey have on you? Concepts to consider include your mind, thoughts, heart, breathing and other areas of your body.  



If this Reset Experience was beneficial for you and you’d like to experience more, join and become a monthly MindBody Reset member HERE today


Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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