With Tapping, also referred to as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT for short, clearing a fear (such as a fear of dogs) is never about facing the fear with gritted teeth and clenching fits. That is what happens normally and it can be terrifying – as well as exhausting!

EFT serves to break the link between the bodies fear response and the perceived threat, prior to attempting the perceived situation. The Science of EFT video is a great example of the process and how it works. 

During a first private session with a mum and her three beautiful girls, they took some great steps in breaking the llink between their emotional connection and their fear of dogs. 

Using the analogy of a table top, there was a lot of surface level (table top) emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, events and beliefs that were cleared and processed during the initial session. 

But there are still a few ‘table legs’ which include detailed experiences, thoughts and emotions and specific concepts such as when a dog it off a leash, specific events the girls have had with dogs during their life – that are still imprinted in their neural pathways that can be unlinked and new pathway created in future sessions. 

During the first session, we started the process of imprint new stories, beliefs, thoughts and neural pathways in the brain – the neuroplasticity video is a good example of how this works. The girls were able to create new stories and new thoughts about dogs – which included wanting to be calm and peaceful around dogs. 

One of the new stories that is being created is “I want to feel positive, relaxed and happy around all dogs at all times, even if they’re off leash and running towards me. :-)” and another is “I want to feel positive, relaxed and calm”. 

At the start of the session the girls’ fear of dogs was quite significant. For one of them, even thinking about dogs was overwhelming. On the ‘scary scale’ this was a 6/6! Throughout the session, the girls were able to bring down their thoughts about dogs to a fear rating of 1 or 2 out of 6.

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Not to mention, the session was a heap of fun! We were tapping, chatting, laughing and sharing experiences and stories about dogs! The process was enjoyable, wasn’t traumatizing for the girls, yet at the same time highly efficient in helping their mind and body to process their experience, fear and trauma around dogs. 

Whilst the girl still has some fears around dogs, they are greatly diminished after the first session. I’m looking forward to supporting them to fully clear their fear around dogs, so they can go for walks and bike rides without experiencing so much fear! and change their emotional connection around dogs to enjoy them!

Do you have a fear of dogs, or any fear for that matter, and would like to release this fear? 

I’d like to invite you to a complementary connect and catchup chat if you have any questions about the process. 

Or, if you’re ready to jump on in, feel free to book a Resilient & Healthy Start session or New Beginnings Package.  

I’d love to support you to achieve greater health and wellness.

Sending love and light.

Lisa Gumieniuk 🙂

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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