Here is a small selection of transfromational journeys that speak for themselves…

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This women seems to show up in my life when I really really need her! …Working with you has changed my mind set in different ways and the way I communicate with people and deal with conflict and confrontation, and it’s only the beginning.  It is really powerful stuff… Anyone who’s stressed, if they could access this tool, it would be awesome and it could change the world! … It would enable you to create space in your mind to breath and think through your actions… It was a like a therapy session on steroids, but it all came from me!  Lisa just facilitated the process. She enabled me to pull back those layers. By using these simple strategies. 

Steph Wicks

Founder Thrive Tribe & Co

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I had such an awesome session. Went to sleep almost peaceful knowing my higher-self had the answers. So much more I want to ask now. Still work to be done. Thank you again for yesterday, it’s such remarkable work. I feel like I truly tapped into my higher self and was able to get my racing mind out of the way.​​​

Lara Ryan

The Best medicine

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Working as a spiritual entrepreneur, helping people to connect with their Self as well as with their animals, it is often that I forget to check in with me, and my Self. Hence, sometimes, I feel I am getting a little bit lost and off path. Then I met Lisa Gumieniuk, and in one session, she managed to guide me, nurture me and helped to discover the things that were buried deep inside me, were no longer serving me. Without her, it would have been a long road ahead. Leaving the session, I felt light, released from darkness and heaviness, I felt elevated, back on my path and knowing the next steps to take. I highly recommend Lisa – she certainly is one of a kind, and someone who has the power to truly help you look into your own Soul, connect you back to all that is and enable you to move forward, without restrictions. THANK YOU, Lisa​

Bianca De Reus


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I was able to clear the fear/anxiety that I felt around being me and embracing my power. I’ve had the deepest sleep and have since gone onto pursue my dreams.

Carita Gronroos

E-Learning Consultant

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Lisa helped me to connect in with my body and not only help me remove them, but really talked me through what was really possible when I did remove them.  I high recommend Lisa and trust how she works and her heart and her passion and her talent and intuitive intelligence. 

Karen Dwyer

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Getting on screen is something I’ve been a little apprehensive about. And within 5-10 mins with Lisa I’m already doing it! 

Jasmine Morris

1:1 Mindbody Reset Program Testimonial

"It was almost impossible to regulate my emotions. I had extreme anxiety around trust and jealousy of my partner, overall low mood and low self-esteem.

I was addicted to feeling like a victim and my default state of being was overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, resentful, powerless.

I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars over the last 12 years. Thousands of hours as well. I've made dramatic improvements over the years with each new piece. The Reset program has taken me to the highest level so far…

I wish I had access to it at the beginning of my healing journey as I feel I would be much further along and have a solid foundation to expand upon. I have a much bigger capacity to regulate my emotions, like huge.

I'm actually making the choice and prefer to regulate my emotions and take actions to support me in that whereas before I didn't actually want to regulate. I felt dependent on my explosive reactions to get results, or get my needs met. I'm taking a much different approach now. I feel protective of my emotional state and feel very motivated to maintain a calm state. This adds to my self esteem and I feel substantially more self empowered.

I enjoyed how thorough, committed and organized you are. I felt extremely supported and taken care of throughout this journey. I felt you went above and beyond which feels rare to come by. Sometimes the last thing I felt like doing was working on myself but it felt so encouraging because I felt like you were truly invested in my growth as well.

It also felt safe to be vulnerable with you. I also felt tangible improvements in my body and state of being after every session. Plus, your Facebook community and additional materials are so helpful to have access to.”
Tess Hamilton
90 Day Reset Program

Liza Joyan

I had been struggling with those last few kilos for all of 2019. I was at a point of giving up. Lisa took me though a supported process to get to the underlying feelings about my own self image. I didn’t really think it would make much of a difference. I don’t know what shifted but I’ve now lost the weight and feel like Lisa’s work contributed to freeing some stuck energy that led to releasing the excess weight. I highly recommend working with Lisa as it’ll unblock any energy that’s not serving you. Thanks Lisa

Olivia Ferrari

I was initially reserved about the idea of having to "work on" myself but you made it effortless. You are extremely welcoming from the outset which creates a relaxed atmosphere - even through zoom! The gradual and professional guidance got me into a deep meditative place, revealing new personal truths I could not have predicted to show up. I loved what I learnt about myself. You also shared raw personal truths that helped me with my own understanding, plus extremely thankful for your generosity for time. I would highly recommend this session for anyone who feels stuck like they want to explore themselves further or feel like they want to move to deeper healing and have no idea where to start. It was one of those sessions where you feel like "gee I wish I could do this for myself - I would be completely floating cloud!" Thank you so much, it is hard to put an exact value on deep learnings like these as the benefits are immeasurable and ongoing.

Mel Duke

I had another amazing session this week on my health. I really feel like we cleared so much crap & stuck energy that had been with me for years. The next day I woke up feeling so much better, lighter & no heavy feelings. The sore throat has virtually gone and no coughing either. In the past I would have felt sick for weeks & weeks. Instead of supplements I would recommend a session with Lisa!! What a star ⭐️

Lexi J Carroll

Lisa is an incredible woman, a highly skilled practitioner, and her ability to hold space for you is just amazing!! Lisa has an amazing ability to hold space for people, she is focused, kind, and loving and generous and intelligent. She can hold the attention of a room, she has the ability to share her story in a way that others can learn from it, and she has a beautiful calm but bright energy. I love your calming and bright energy!! That’s the best way for me to describe it, it’s calming but also uplifting!!! I love her events, and her Self Care Saturdays are such a beautiful time to reconnect and really give myself a gift of time and loving energy. Thank you Lisa for creating this space!!

Anna McFerrier

Thank you, Lisa, for always being there for me at just the right time. You always seem to know intuitively how I am feeling and then help me to make sense of anything that may be confusing or sending me off balance. You're calm but positive energy is always so refreshing and comforting. Thank you thank you thank you for space you continually hold for me. Forever grateful, Anna.

Natasha Haddad - www.goddesscircle.com.au​

Goddess Circle I love what I do. I am passionate about helping women awaken and transform using psychotherapy and energy work but when it came to the business side of things I felt cloudy and overwhelmed. It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no-one can find you though so I knew something needed to shift but I didn't know where to start. Working with Lisa was a game changer for me. She helped me get clear on my goals and helped me work through my own blocks around growth and expansion. Lisa not only helped me transform my beliefs around business, she also gave me practical and useful advice on how to action the marketing side of things. Specific processes and tools that made growing my business seem effortless. Lisa kept me accountable and was always there for support. I highly recommend working with Lisa; she is knowledgeable, conscious and compassionate but also tough enough to keep you accountable so you can reach your goals .


My session with Lisa was eye opening, by helping me to recognise the old experiences and believes that were the root-cause of my current challenges, she guided me in a great reseting process with useful tools such as Matrix Re-imprinting, inner child and Emotional Freedom Technique. I am so grateful with the experience and absolutely recommend Lisa's sessions to help you to move forward in life 💗

Sophia Lagonikos​

I'm immensely grateful for my session with Lisa. Her guidance and understanding was on such a deep level that helped my healing journey. The effects of the tapping and having Lisa work with me had an immediate effect on all levels - mind, body and emotions. Lisa's compassion and intuition is something that really stuck out for me as I have worked with a lot of different practitioners. It is clear her passion is to help others. Thank you.​

Pamela Connellan

I’ve known Lisa for a long time now and she is an amazing person - always ready to help and answer your questions. I feel Lisa has a gift for guiding people through whatever they're going through. If you need help with chronic illness that you just can't seem to shake or emotional problems which won't go away, then Lisa is able to help with all the therapy work she does. She's been there done that so she knows what you're going through and with a friend like her on your side, you know you're going to get a whole lot stronger. With her transformation Coaching and Healing she's achieving great results with so many people and I'm sure she can get these for you too.

Julia Landrey

Lisa is a talented healer. The EFT session I had with her was deeply transformational. She was able to guide me through a process of releasing my fears and connecting more deeply to my inner child. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to empower themselves and break free of limiting beliefs.

Bianca Batalha

Lisa was patient with me before our session even started. Lisa was able to identify and have an understanding of my priority beliefs that were blocking my forward progress. I was easily guided through my tapping (EFT) session by her with compassion and I recommend Lisa for anyone wanting to release subconscious beliefs. Thank you Lisa for the work you do. 🙏 Thanks for re imprinting my neural path ways with new uplifting positive beliefs 🌈🙌

Tennille Pooley - Salt Bush Healing - 1:1 Session​

Lisa is an amazing wellness warrior who researches and tests many modalities and has overcome great challenges herself! Her dedication to health and lifestyle is evident through her uplifting messages! Well done Lisa!​

Lauren White

A wise person said, "everything is energy and that's all there is to it". Lisa's work matches the frequency of the reality you want. And when I had my second session with her, I could not help but get that reality. "There can be no other way" – Einstein.

Nat Kurtis*

I’ve had a couple of tapping sessions with Lisa and the results were amazing. The 1st session, I was very stressed out about my assessment/test for my Sports Kinesiology Therapist license, I was having the following day. Come assessment day I was looking for the signs of anxiety and to my astonishment could not find any! My assessments lasted for three hours and I remained confident and calm throughout, which was very helpful since this was a "make no mistake" type of situation when your every move is being watched. So I passed with flying colours, thanks to the session I had with Lisa!

The second time Lisa helped me overcome my fear of abdominal surgery and I had a similar positive and calming experience & I slept like a baby the night before the surgery. My normally calm husband was tossing and turning all night and he was also surprised how nonchalant I was the whole morning before I went in. I came to Lisa with fears I had that I was going to die during the surgery since I just read this article how a 27 year old went into a cardiac arrest caused during the exact same procedure. We did some tapping on the topic and 10 minutes into it I was cracking up from the idea that I would die from the surgery. Somehow Lisa made my fear not only go away, but now it sounded really funny!

Lisa quickly picks up on the direction a client session needs to go and is also intuitive and goes with the flow of the moment during the session. Being a practitioner myself, I can see how professionally things are done. Unlike others I’ve had experience with in the past, Lisa doesn’t put you through stress first to make you feel better afterwards! Not only can the sessions often be enjoyable in part (even when challenging and deep concepts are explored) the results are also SO very powerful. I plan to continue seeing Lisa on a regular basis and I have a strong belief that she can handle any emotional issue that I (and others) might have, I would definitely recommend her to any of my clients who have immediate need to resolve their emotional problems, issues and challenges.

Megan Chambers

When I think of words to describe Lisa I think of empathetic, non-judgemental, warm, friendly and fun. Lisa has helped me move forward in areas of my life where I was holding myself back but couldn’t understand why or what to do to move past it. She intuitively chooses techniques and asks questions that uncover what’s really going on. Lisa is someone who cares strongly about her clients’ wellbeing and is passionate about passing on what she’s learned, having been through tough times herself. I’m very happy to recommend her services.


Thank you Lisa for a perfectly timed tapping session today! With your help, I was able to clarify what was holding me back and now have the energy and focus to move forward feeling positive and motivated. Your process of clarifying the problem that had been festering, disarming the distress it was causing, taking away the learnings, creating a new story/belief and imprinting this in my being was very powerful. You have a very non-threatening and easy approach and have a talent for picking out salient points to work on. Thanks a million for the uplifting experience!

Louise Geary

I recently had a session with Lisa and was amazed at the seeming simplicity of the process of tapping and how very quickly I was able to drop below the surface worries to the deep cause of the issue that I wanted to explore. Lisa has a compassion and intuitive guidance and she created a safe, accepting space that enabled a deep healing to take place. During the session, we worked on healing the pain from the original childhood wounding and letting it go. In fact once the understanding and opening to the original pain occurred, everything shifted. Since then I have been much stronger emotionally. I have a deep sense of safety and courage that doesn't require me to force myself to be courageous, as I used to. And I feel that I am good enough exactly as I am. I am loved and valued for who I am, quirkiness, weirdness and all. Thank you Lisa Gumieniuk

Ann Hawley

I started working regularly with Lisa as my fellow EFT practitioner 'tapping' buddy a few months ago. I find Lisa to be extremely intuitive, caring and often asks relevant questions to get to the heart of issues. She keeps herself up-to-date with the latest health developments in her field of expertise, and I know I can always rely on Lisa for her amazing wisdom and support. Thank you, Lisa....you are truly a gift to many, including other practitioners out there!​

Kick Starter Method Testimonials​


“Using Lisa’s methods are easy to learn and go through the steps. By the end of it, I feel calm and relaxed and I can go ahead and do whatever it is that I have trouble doing.”


“I found that in 3 to 5 mins of Lisa’s method can pull myself back into line and calm myself which really feeds out to the rest of my family so it’s made massive shifts for us in this house.”


“Once I have applied Lisa’s Method I feel that the anxiety and stress diminishes in usually about 5 minutes and I feel a great sense of calm.”


“I was able to get back into my day using Lisa’s method and move on with what I needed to do.”

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Event Testimonials

Here is a small selection of transfromational journeys that speak for themselves…

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I was able to clear the fear/anxiety that I felt around being me and embracing my power. I’ve had the deepest sleep and have since gone onto pursue my dreams.

Lexi J Carroll

Business Owner


Lexi J Carroll

Lisa is an incredible woman, a highly skilled practitioner, and her ability to hold space for you is just amazing!! Lisa has an amazing ability to hold space for people, she is focused, kind, and loving and generous and intelligent. She can hold the attention of a room, she has the ability to share her story in a way that others can learn from it, and she has a beautiful calm but bright energy. I love your calming and bright energy!! That’s the best way for me to describe it, it’s calming but also uplifting!!! I love her events, and her MindBody Reset Workshops are such a beautiful time to reconnect and really give myself a gift of time and loving energy. Thank you Lisa for creating this space!!


Create your own Wellbeing @ Mind Body Spirit Festival, Sydney - 12/3/2020​

10/10 - Uplifting, Inspiring & Full of ideas!
10/10 - I felt like the weight has been lifted & I was easily able to release tension from my mind
10/10 - Lisa was real, relateable, very impactful and great take home techniques
10/10 - Lisa delivered tools that I can use at home! Lovely energy!

Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue Introduction Workshop @ Lulu Lemon Balmain - 5/3/2020

10/10 – Delivered what it promised – most enjoyable
10/10 – It’s great to be reminded that the heart emits out 9/10 It was a great into to practical techniques. Loved the session and I feel much more open now!
9/10 – Great tools + sharing + experienced so much comfort. XX
9/10 Great intro session. Good space where I felt comfortable to share.
> Loved the exercises and theme (heart/love). Lovely format – really enjoyed the music!

Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue Introduction Workshop - 22/2/2020

10/10 - Love it, thank you! So practical & powerful.
10/10 - I really liked how you lead the workshop and all the tools you have us through out it! I feel awesome!
9/10 - Beautiful atmosphere. Peaceful. Knowledge.
8/10 - New to this information. Fit physical & emotional charge for the better through the experience.

Self-Care Saturday - 8/2/2020​

10/10 - Feeling anxious, unsettling and a lot of pain in the beginning of the session, afterwards I felt calmer, lighter, no more pain in the area I felt the most! It was a truly amazing session!
9/10 - Great to pause and reflect. A wonderful group of people. Excellent teacher and coach!
"The session enabled me to lean a greater self awareness"
"At the start of the workshop I was feeling slightly anxious and by the end of the workshop I was feeling calm! I learn that I use a lot of judgement in life!"
"I had a heavy chest which went from a 9/10 to a 7/10 by the end of the session and I felt relief"

Wellness Foundations & Essentials - 25/1/2020​

10/10 - Calming flow of wellness
10/10 - In just a few minutes I could put myself in a very comfortable place and it will last for all this weekend. Then... with simple 'techniques' it could make our lives much batter.
10/10 - a very good balance between reflecting & practicing different techniques of wellbeing.
9/10 - Practical. Helpful. Well paced. Friendly.
9/10 - I became aware of heart and breath, thankful!
8/10 - Well prepared. Very personable/approachable. Men need this badly!
8/10 - I really enjoyed it but it could have been longer!!!

Self-Care Saturday - 12/2019​

10/10 – Good time for self-reflection & meditation
9/10 – Fabulous
9/10 – Only thing I would do differently is ADD more time! A day long event would be awesome!

Melbourne Cup Picnic - 11/2019

Freedom from Stress – Lentil as Anything 2/11/2019​

“10/10- science / evidence examples, practical examples and tapping, warm and friendly, relevant topic, dealt with the grief questions well”
“10/10 – eye opening and loved the inclusive environment”
“Almost perfect”
“Helpful technique, accepting atmosphere, supportive”.

Tapping out of stress and into balance – Lululemon 30/10/2019

“Workshop was great. Beautiful energy and lots of value”
“Very friend facilitator, very informative workshop, thank you for holding space for us”
“It was great, and you are amazing”
“Well explained”
“Well run, excellent communication”
“Thank you”

Speed Coaching - October 2019

11/10 “Really enjoyed learning about EFT”
10/10 “Able to calm me down quickly . Interested in approach of coaching”
9/10 “Professional, great listener, good technique.  Like tapping.  Inspiring”


KT - It was amazing how deep the conversation got so quickly. Meant to be.
Gina - Had a lovely experience today meeting a group of new people at the first Inner West Women. We shared experiences, realised other people go through what we go through and learned from each other! What a terrific experience…meeting a group of authentic and loving ladies, open to sharing so that others may learn and benefit. Thanks ladies and thank you Lisa Gumieniuk for creating the opportunity for connection!💓

Women's Circle

MM - 1 Day after circle … Not sure if its just my imagination, but so many people are being so friendly and nice to me today – must be my new energy!!! Wow thanks Lisa , your session was AMAZING.

USHA - Thanks Lisa for inviting me to your circle. It was great to be there and to connect with others and what ambience you created with essential oils and diffusers and lighting!

Wellness Talk @ Saltuary​

Last night we were treated to an insightful Wellness Talk by Wellness Woman 2016 attendee and 2017 & 2018 volunteer, Lisa, as part of Saltuary's monthly wellness talks where she shared with us her journey to wellness through Lyme disease and chronic fatigue. It was through this that she has found her passion and is now a qualified nutritionist and health coach. Thanks for being so brave Lisa and sharing your story. We are so proud of you.​

Women's Circle by STEPH WICKS​

A little sneaky peek from my experience at The Resilient Women’s Circle event hosted by the very gifted Lisa Gumieniuk. I attended the very first session yesterday & It was a peaceful and safe space to connect, to step outside of your comfort zone and learn the power of intuition. How powerful our energy can be when we tune into it! My highlight, pulling a card at the end! My whole intention at the event was around connection as working alone can be both empowering & isolating. Sometimes as women, we can feel so alone even when we aren’t. I even voiced this in the session to a room of strangers as a goal of mine, to connect more. Then, pulling this particular card at the end re-enforced that I’m never really alone. Thanks again Lisa. Awesome to connect with some lovely local ladies & really step outside of my comfort zone

Bianca de Reus​

Inner West Women is a wonderful group of women, who are supporting each other. As a female entrepreneur it can be challenging working by yourself. Lisa has created a wonderful platform where I am able to connect with like minded women, support others, receive support and sometimes just have that listening ear close by! A variety of ways to personally connect, offers in person, remotely as well as actual business support, by getting together and work on our own business, as a co-working group. Thank you, Lisa Gumieniuk, for holding the space for us, and helping us connect!

More praise...

Amazing! after a mini meditation with Lisa I feel so much lighter. Highly recommended.
Thank you Lisa for my amazing call! it was definitely something that I needed! the tapping certainly helped. ❤️ you're amazing at what you do xx
Lisa! Thanks a lot, the session was a closing door to the out world and an opening to the inner. There were a lot of sensations, vibrations, memories and emotions rising through the session, however I felt easy at most of the time. I will be back soon.
Massage Therapist
Lisa is very passionate about what she does and puts you at ease right away. After seeing Lisa I was feeling more positive, my neck started feeling less stiff and even started sleeping better. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and clearly enjoys helping others along their healing journey.
Kevin Zabow
Heal & Grow Kinesiology
What an incredible experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and intrigued. In my session I could relate to the meanings of things that I was experiencing in my current life. I would highly recommend Lisa as your practitioner, the experience for your body will be both mentally and physically positive. All the best on your healing journey. Peace and light.
Lisa is amazing … her life experiences have opened her mind to be very intuitive and my session with her today was both enlightening and inspiring. I could relate to everything she told me and felt like I had direction following the session, Thankyou Lisa xx
Michelle, W.
I would really recommend a session with Lisa. I felt so relaxed and at ease and her insights during the session were so relevant. Her follow up suggestions were really helpful and she was able to draw from her great knowledge base
Lisa is amazing … her life experiences have opened her mind to be very intuitive and my session with her today was both enlightening and inspiring. I could relate to everything she told me and felt like I had direction following the session, Thankyou Lisa xx
Michelle, W.

Even more praise...

KATE MCEANS​ - "Kiddo.T" Occupational Therapy for Children​​

The Lyme journey is a long and challenging one, and it involves looking to others for guidance, support, reflection and encouragement - not just in the early days, but along all of the twists and turns that inevitably occur along the way.... Around the time of my diagnosis I felt lost, confused, afraid and extremely hard done by and was lucky enough to find a support group Lisa facilitated. From the moment we met, Lisa was able to help me to not only understand what in fact Lyme was (such complex rabbit-hole!), but to see the next steps I needed to take (including practitioners to see), reflect on what I considered to be barriers in my journey, and encourage me to keep on...and on...and on... The deeper knowledge I now have around health, food, lifestyle, values, living and being is taking my life in a much different direction to where it was previously headed, and despite the hardships I have faced I would never go back and wish to do it any other way. I can't thank Lisa for this growth and ongoing healing that I also now share with my cheeky little one, my husband, my family, my friends, as well as my paediatric clients through my occupational therapy practice in early intervention. I could not recommend Lisa's services, supports, skills, knowledge and wisdom highly enough! You are in very good hands here 🙂 Thank you, Lisa! x x x x


I first met Lisa through a Support Group that she runs in person every month. I was impressed from the get go the way she would handle each meeting providing guidance, knowledge and a positive attitude to a room of strangers each month. Allowing sufferers a voice to relate and share their experiences in a safe environment, whilst taking on board their emotional/physical trauma and helping people cope with this nasty illness. Since my first meeting, I now consider Lisa a good friend and she has always given her time to talk me through what life threw at me on my journey. Lisa has such knowledge of all things Lyme and Health through her dedication to research,attending seminars/courses and her experiences.I found out later on that she had also given her time to be a voice for all Lyme sufferers in Australia and abroad. Appearing on live national television to share her personal story and also at the Senate inquiry in the hope of getting recognition and medical support for us all in the future. Amazing!!!​


Lisa is a woman with a purpose---to recover her own health and then to use that knowledge to help others. I followed her recovery as she searched for clues for her diagnoses and her treatment. From the beginning, she understood that finding health would involve an "all of the above" approach. She understands the importance of nutrition, supplementation, getting rid of toxins and infections and other treatments. Lisa added many techniques for stress management, self care, exercise, emotional health, support of others and a balance in life. She gained so much knowledge to share with others. Lisa's own experience helped her to understand the personal challenges of complex health issues.​

Lisa & I have recently connected through social media. I'm always on the lookout for positive healing pages, and I liked the positive content by Lisa. In 2015 I was told my best chance of recovery from Lyme/MSIDS was hyperthermia in Germany. At the time, I felt I was too sick to undergo the treatment & my naturopath agreed. So we forged forward with a big focus on detox as well as supporting & addressing all underlying body systems & issues. My diet has been mainly paleo, but I've recently found more healing through a 95% plant based diet, including lots of fruit, which has been a major factor in healing my digestion. I believe very much we all have the ability to heal ourselves given the right tools & help. I also believe, the best & most total recovery comes from a holistic approach including looking at emotional triggers, traumas, which play an integral role in both creating ill health & creating wellness. Be flexible & open in your healing journey & be guided towards people who have themselves recovered from Lyme & who have an open & loving mindset.
When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease and coinfections, I had no idea where to begin. It was by pure accident that the receptionist at a non Lyme clinic told me about Lisa’s support group. From the minute we first met, Lisa was able to answer every single one of my questions and give me excellent resources, literature and practitioner referrals. Without her I would’ve been lost.
Lisa is a kind generous soul with a wealth of knowledge and experience authenticated by her own tough journey. She has a genuine willingness to help and support whilst bringing a refreshing and uplifting approach to her guidance. It's always a pleasure to connect with Lisa.
Lisa is full of positivity, optimism and is an inspiration to others. She has a wealth of knowledge on treatment options and wellness tips and doesn't hesitate to support and guide others in the Lyme community. Her positive energy, combined with her determination to get better and help others as well as her dedication to research truly make her an amazing Lyme Warrior and advocate!
Lisa is a kind generous soul with a wealth of knowledge and experience authenticated by her own tough journey. She has a genuine willingness to help and support whilst bringing a refreshing and uplifting approach to her guidance. It's always a pleasure to connect with Lisa.