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Do you find yourself feeling like you need connection? Then this blog and video is for you! You are not alone, as almost 100% of my client are looking for the same thing when they contact me! 

The ins and outs of connection

Before I jump in … take a moment to consider ‘What does connection mean to you?

One dictionary state that connection is a ‘relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else’. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  This doesn’t capture the true essence of connection.

The #1 Reason you're craving connection and why connecting is so important

If you think about connection, it is a basic human need and we are social creatures!  This IS why you’re craving it so much! Think about babies and how important connection with there mother is! 

YES! Connections matters!

Beyond Blue says that “Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. Being connected to others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing and can be a protective factor against anxiety and depression”.

Ultimately, it’s important because it supports your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The little-known research supporting the impact that connection might be having on your life

You’re about to discover some little-known research that supports the importance of connection in your life!

Research 1: One study found that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and blood pressure! (Wowsers!!!)

Research 2: Research by Steve Cole shows that genes impacted by social connection also impact immune function and inflammation! Meaning that social connection strengthens your immune system.

Research 3: People feeling more connected have lower rates of anxiety and depression.

Research 4: Social connection creates a cycle of social, emotional and physical wellbeing! 

2 types of connection you might be craving and why

Did you know there are two types of connection?

External Connection – The connection you crave from interaction with others, and your communities. (on a side note, Self Care Saturday attendees love the deep connections, even with strangers! AKA, that external connection).

Internal Connection – The connection you crave from yourself! Yes this might be a bit woo-hoo for some of you!  But it’s such an important one!  (This was one of the BIGGEST ones I was craving most of my life!)

6 simple steps to achieving creative connection today!

My 5 steps to discover and create connection came about as a beautiful exercise at my monthly Self Care Saturday workshop!  Self Care Saturday has an element of connection every time, although this particular month, the theme was CONNECTION. This was one of the exercises we did, and it was such a powerful and effective exercise I had to share it with you!

To achieve connection, you need to get creative!  And you’ll need the following

  • A pens, pencils or paint (include colour)
  • A piece of paper
  • A quiet and comfortable place in your home or nature

Step 1: Take a moment

Take a few moments to slow down, 2-5 mins to start to relax and calm your mind.

You could set yourself a clock, 7-10 minutes to do the whole exercise. You want to be able to give yourself the time, space and quality to do this well.

Start by taking some slow deep breaths to start to calm your body and mind and your nervous system.

You could also start by doing some tapping. One option is to do a round or two of silent tapping on ALL the EFT points. Starting with the karate chop point, top of the head, inside of the eye, outside the eye, under the eye, nose, chin, collarbone and under the arm (want to know what all this tapping stuff is about? Check out my Kicker Starter Program). Then breath in and out to help move and shift energy.

Step 2: Set an Intention

Set an intention for this exercise that you’d like to discover some creative ways to connect. That you’d like to find out what connection you are craving. The intention might be is as simple as, that you are setting this time aside to do this exercise. Once you feel calm and you’ve set your intention, go to step 3.

Step 3: Freestyle Connection Writing

Take your pen and a piece of paper and write the word connection in the middle and then around it, draw big circle.

Draw lines off that and then start writing whatever words come to you!

You want to write ‘freeform’ and freestyle’ which is writing whatever comes to you. Whatever the concepts are, whatever the thoughts around connection are.

Use different coloured pens and pencils as they come to you!  Make it creative and fun!

Step 4: Prioritise

Then review your list and reflect on what came up for you!

And prioritise 1-3 tops things that you feel you need to do first. 

You don’t what to have this amazing list and it to just BE A LIST!

Step 5: Take Inspired Action

Then, you need to consider how you are going to take inspired action!

There is no point in taking any old action for the sake of it!  It needs to be inspired action! 

You want to be taking an action from a place of inspiration, a connection that lights you up!  So think about HOW you are going to take action on your top priorities! 

Step 6: Reminders

You might like to place your Creative Connection Mind map somewhere that is front of mind!  So that you can look and reflect on it when you’re feeling a little disconnected!

Ideas… place it on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, on a cupboard door (where your crave food is hiding) or next to your bed.

12 Creative Connection ideas to get you started

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Peace
  • Reconnect with friends and family
  • Feel successful
  • Forgive
  • Learn
  • Understand others actions
  • Grow
  • Read
  • Purpose
  • Exercise
  • Achievement
  • Be kind to yourself

12 Creative Connection ideas to get you started

If you’re still feeling disconnected there WILL be an underlying reason for it! It might be the mind-map exercise is a starting point for you!

You might be draw to a Self Care Saturday! Or you might be needing support from a friend, coach, mentor or practitioner!

If you feel that you need extra support, reach out and book in a free 45 min Clarity Session with me. We can jump on a call where you’ll gain direction and clarity around what connection you really need!

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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