The 5 Levels of Healing are at the foundations of health.  It is something I see every day in my practice.  Clients recovering from various chronic and complex illnesses, where modern medicine couldn’t help them – and where they felt they had no hope left. 

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and his work has been an inspiration to me and my own healing journey, and I am so grateful to have come across his work and teachings. 

Often, when clients start on a healing journey with me, they are focused on level 1 and 2 of healing, what they don’t realise is that their path often takes them towards 3, 4 and 5.  It is a gift to see and be a part of this transformation with each client – and an incredibly heartfelt experience to support them to access a space of self healing and oneness.   I am eternally grateful to each client who chooses me to support them – it is such a gift.  

  • The “Emotional Body” is a composite of Levels 1 through 3
  • The “Soul” is a composite of Levels 2 through 4

This is an exert the from Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, USA.

He developed this systematic model of healing in the 1980s and has been teaching it to practitioners all over the world since then. Many doctors and healers have been able to understand their own work better and have been able to make better choices for their patients and their own education based on this understanding. This model has already entered the heart and consensus reality of integrative medicine worldwide. In recent years we have observed a worrisome overemphasis on the value of nutritional supplements.

Few people have gotten well by taking supplements alone. Dietary supplements have disappointed!

Much lipservice is given to energetic and psychological care.

However, very few practitioners offer practical solutions as a natural and regular part of their consultation or treatment protocol. Please consider these ideas below. Our patients need care on all levels of their existence.
It works. 

People really can recover from their chronic illness. But patients have to shift their way of being in the world on a deep level. They need your guidance! 

For every vitamin there will be a better one tomorrow. Every deep conflict that is resolved, is resolved for good. Learning is forever. Vitamins are not.

A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

The 5 Levels of Healing Come with a Diagnosis and Treatment overview (Klinghardt).  

I incorporate many of the below approaches in Reset Sessions, some of which are newer/lesser known techniques that are not on this list, yet have an incredible impact on wellness creation.  

The process and the journey of healing is difference for everyone.  Although that is the same for everyone, is that healing IS possible.  

Don’t get bogged down in the theory.  Healing is in the experience!  

May you discover your own path. 

I look forward to supporting you with your healing! 

Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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