Gratitude, Peace during chaos & preventing crash/cycles

We cover:
🧠 Gratitude is NOT a magic pill for buypassing emotions
🧠 How to hold on to peace when you know you are walking into chaos
🧠 How to prevent crash/cycles
✨How can we avoid the push/crash cycle and learn recognize when we are starting to move outside of our window of tolerance?
✨Im finding it hard to balance leaving the house and self care, its so busy i feel like leaving is my best option, then i return to chaos and need to constantly reset again. Grrr. how do i jold the peace i get when im out, once i return back to the chaos.
🙏 What are your key takeaways from the webinar?
🙏 What’s 1 thing you can implement for yourself?
🙏 How did you find the meditation?
🙏 Do you have any questions for me?
1. Chaos to Calm Kick Starter Method:
2. Gratitude Post
Finding gratitude is often used in exactly the same way as ‘just be positive’.⁣
⁣It becomes another form of toxic positivity. ⁣
⁣As if focusing on things to be grateful for simply makes the impact of all your struggles disappear.⁣
⁣Like is often the case, the idea of just looking for gratitude comes from a good place but is so often about emotional avoidance. ⁣
⁣Making someone list all the reasons they should feel grateful in spite of any unresolved emotional turmoil they may have, can become like writing a guilt list. ⁣
⁣Finding gratitude can be important, just like finding positives, but they’re not magical bypasses that you can just pour over unprocessed trauma.⁣