Self Belief and Self Love

We cover:
🧠 Family disappointment
🧠 Irritations & frustrations
🧠 Imposter Syndrome
✨ I have an interview scheduled for 10am tomorrow so unable to attend. Will watch replay later. This is a big deal for me- would appreciate positive thoughts my way. I’d like to know how to: maintaining calm, quieting the anxious brain, and building resilience- any of these!
These are the things that are stopping me: fear I’m not good enough, that I can’t do it, that I’m a fake, and will fail. So much is at stake.
✨ If we go back to something in the past, should it be as an observer or reliving as ourself, if that makes sense
✨ Making a choice is so powerful for bringing the power back to yourself instead of giving that power to the past – the power of choice.
🙏 What are your key takeaways from the webinar?
🙏 What’s 1 thing you can implement for yourself?
🙏 How did you find the meditation?
🙏 Do you have any questions for me?
1. Chaos to Calm Kick Starter Method: