The sessions that we have together meet evidence based criteria for Transformation!  This is based on both the process you go through and the modalities that are incorporated during your session.  The process you go through is formally known as memory reconsolidation.  

This research also shows that the first 5 hours after a session are extremely vital in maintaining the transformation, healing and work that was just completed. 

What is memory reconsolidation?

Memory reconsolidation is when a new neural learning occurs in the brain and those neural circuits.  These neural networks remain in a vulnerable state for at least five hours after a session. .  

During this 5 hour ‘reconsolidation window’, the new neural circuits can be radically unlearned if not properly cared for. So it is important not to re-enter a scenario during this period of time that could lead to the transformation being reversed. 

What is transformational change?

Transformational change is the result of profound unlearning through memory reconsolidation. 

The transformation process of learning looks like:

  1. Reactivation- Retrigger target knowledge by presenting cues from the original learning process.
  2. Mismatch- Create a learning experience that is different from the original learning process. This is where old memory circuits are altered and are vulnerable to change after a session and must be cared for in the 5 hour window. 
  3. Revise- Through new learning experiences, revision and healing occurs and also with repetition. 

It is important to understand

  • Transformational changes occur during a session with a practitioner and there is a necessary set of experiences that take place during a session (i.e. the above 3 step process) 
  • Modalities like EMDR (and likely brainspotting), NLP, and Tapping & Energy Psychology which incorporate neural retraining, and emotional release are all techniques that may be implemented in any given session to support your transformation
  • When a learned, unwanted emotional reaction is healed it is not actually forgotten but rather a neural transformation takes place during a session. 

Transformational change through the memory process

New learning dissolves old learning as new neural pathways are created thus transforming behavior, mood, and thought processes. Memory reconsolidation does change old neural circuits, thus new neural pathways are created.

During the 5 hour window after a session: You want to avoid being reactivated, retriggered, or have any unlearning occur. This is when the memory reconsolidation occurs and neural circuits change. 

After a session with me: Feeling fatigued or emotionally drained after a session is totally normal and it is vital to care for yourself after a session in order to fully process and integrate the experience. Diving into anything deep or uncomfortable during a session can lead you to feel vulnerable or easily triggered. Check out my post session guide to learn more. Your brain just went through an intense process and needs proper nourishment and care to fully integrate the session that occurred. 


Sending love and wellbeing your way!

Lisa 🧠

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