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- Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa Gumieniuk is a holistic wellness practitioner who is certified in different health and wellness modalities. She’s coached hundreds of women to bring them from Chaos to Calm and create Wellness. Her mission is to use her knowledge to help women overcome stress, overwhelm, and anxiety and achieve a balanced life, so they can succeed in their work and life. After suffering from Chronic Illness for over 7 years, Lisa found a way to Thrive and is now helping others to find their own way back to wellness and THRIVE! 

“I’ve used these methods in my own life to go from chaos to calm. I used it to overcome my anxiety, break through stuck thought-patterns, reframe my negative self-talk, and triumph over emotionally overwhelming experiences that made me freeze and panic.


I want to share these revolutionary approaches with you because it really works! And it’s something that doesn’t involve meditating for long periods and thinking happy thoughts. 


Come and join me today, so you too, can reset Anxiety, Stress & Illness. 

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