Your solution to STRESS, ANXIETY & FATIGUE

Because when you’re time poor, with ongoing pressures and you’re constantly multitasking, you don’t have the luxury of spending hours talking about your problems or ‘just thinking positively’ hoping to feel better!


Does this sound like you? 

Are you...

  • Stressed?
  • Anxious?
  • Tired?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Out of balance
  • Overly emotional?
  • Feeling disconnected from friends & family?
  • Applying a bandaid or no solution at all?

How can I help you?

  • Are you stressed, anxious, tired and overwhelmed looking for REAL SOLUTIONS?


  • You’ll learn and implement new and empowering tools and techniques which you can incorporate in your daily life to continue support yourself.


  • You will unblock, resolve and clear the main patterns, beliefs, emotions, feelings and/or experiences that have been holding you back. Together we'll work through deeper layers and aspects of your life that you will resolve and begin to breakthrough. ​


  • You will transform your health and wellness beyond your dreams and at a rate you would have previous thought impossible.​​


  • What's stopping you from moving forward? Are you missing the right tools? Lets chat and let me share my experience with you!​​

How we together

Over the next month, 3 or 6 months, or however long we work together, I'll be your ultimate wellness partner. Think of me as your coach, consultant, mentor, teacher, practitioner, energy healer, support crew, motivator and friend.

Our first session will be about creating a road map for where it is you are now, where you want to go, and you will start to travel on the journey towards your destination! (This may be both exciting and daunting for you – but know that I am here for you).

Together, we will work on your intentions each session, as you travel closer towards your destination. I’ll help you to create awareness around what you are experiencing and what you would like to change, and together we travel on a fully guided and supported path of transition to transformation, so you can overcome your challenges, achieve your goals and reach for your dreams.

You will gain fully personalised strategies and techniques to sustain you in between sessions that will assist you with the integration process that occurs after each session transformation. As your evolution unfolds you will begin to take action steps towards your next intention and goal – which I will guide and support you with every step of the way.

I will follow up with you after each session, to see how you are going, understand what shifts and changes you have experienced and if you require further guidance. I will offer you additional guidance, resource, tools and worksheets to supplement your progress… so you can reach your destination and goals with ease.

The results you can expect


If you are feeling overwhelmed with life’s daily pressures, you will discover what calm is!     


If you are feeling anxious and want to be more in control, you will empower yourself to take it back!   


If you are feeling stressed and unsure how to reduce it, you will find clarity of mind and a sense of balance!


If you are feeling tried all the time and want to feel more energised, you will improve your sleep quality!


If you are feeling isolated, you will find and feel supported, connected & nurtured!


If you are feeling disconnected from your relationships, you will re-connect with meaningful relationships.


If you are feeling forgetful & lack concentration, you will discover the root cause and feel inspired to regain your thoughts. 

Root causes of your symptoms

The 3 T’s also known as Thoughts, Toxins and Traumas place an enormous amount of pressure on the body which end up showing up for you as stress, overwhelm, fatigue, disconnection & dis-esae. Together we get to the root cause and I combine over 10 modalities to help you with a solution! 


This includes your thoughts, beliefs, emotions & stories that play out in your mind. 


This include often relates to your physical body and includes, breathe, water, food & nutrition, sleep, movement, what you put into and on your body and how your environment effect you. 


This includes little t traumas such as constant pressures in every day life, rushing, sitting at a desk all day, email notifications to big T Traumas such as chronic illness, car accidents, loss of a family member or pet etc.  

What’s included in your Private Coaching Program

3 x private 1:1 in-depth sessions of up to 90 minutes within each month

The magic of your program is that it is centred around your boutique and privately guided 1:1 sessions, which has been formulated based on an a culmination of years’ worth of personal and professional experience & expertise that results in bring to you, a unique, results drive, transformative experience combining over 10 modalities, ranging from scientific and evidenced based techniques, such as psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity and EFT to those which are energetic related such as neurolinguistic programming, energetic health, working in the quantum field and quantum physics.

This boutique approach has you guided, supported, nurtured and inspired every step of the way.

Additional resources including workbooks, templates, videos, links and references

To help you gain the most out of the program, increase your trust, knowledge & understanding and build your awareness and confidence within yourself and your capacity to achieve your goals.

Follow up communications

After each session, I will reach out to you to see how you’re progressing & tracking, what shifted for you, if you have any questions or require further guidance and offer you additional support and insights.

Instant audio and text message & support via phone & FB Messenger

Between sessions for feedback and support to maintain your momentum.

As this boutique program is customised to you and your emotional wellbeing.



  • You’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, lacking energy or have poor sleep and are looking for solutions!
  • You want to continue to ignore your emotional wellbeing or do the same things and ‘hope’ that things will just go away
  • You’re a busy, successful, overachieving, Type A personality women who is time poor and you have many competing responsibilities!
  • You’re just looking for ‘talk therapy’ and a place to download your storey and not looking for break-free results!
  • You’re looking for advanced solutions beyond the practice of positive affirmations, talk therapy & standard coaching!
  • You’re not open to trying or exploring ‘out of the box’ strategies (that are also evidence based!)
  • You don’t know who to talk to about what you’re going though or you don’t think anyone can help you
  • You’re unable to invest in 3 x 1:1 private sessions per month
  • You’re procrastinating, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, at tipping point, having a breakdown, anxious, depressed or highly emotional
  • You’re not able to commit to yourself and join the program for at least 3 months
  • You’re emotional wellbeing IS effecting your sleep, weight, mental capacity (including concentration and forgetfulness), digestion, headaches and more
  • You’re not looking for 1:1 support and guidance are looking to change on your own
  • You’re relationships are being effected and you’re less able to connect with others, have social withdrawal or lack of enthusiasm in your work or personal life
  • You don’t want more in your life… more happiness, more abundance, more flow, more balance, more joy

100% Personalised

This program is tailored to you! It's 100% personalised to what YOU are going through and what tools and techniques YOU need to heal, transform and tap into your inner wellness and healing.