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Explore your own Wellbeing Library with talks, client sessions, and weekly tea, tapping and transformation chats with a guest speaker. 

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There a number of ways you can prepare for a session. 

Please ensure you 

  • are in a quiet and safe space for the session
  • are well hydrated
  • bring water, tissues, a pen and paper with you
  •  have good quality internet connection for the video session, and are able to be hands free
  • come as you are
You are also welcome to watch the ‘How to Prepare for a Session’ video on how to prepare for a session HERE

Each session is 100% customised to YOU.  So for that reason it is hard to predict how the session will go and flow. 

You are also welcome to watch the ‘What will I experience during a session’ video HERE

As each session is 100% customised, how you will feel will be entirely different each time!  

You are also welcome to watch the ‘What will I expect after a session’ video HERE

This video HERE talks about The Science of EFT/Tapping

This is a great video HERE that shows how they work

This is a great video HERE that talks about neuroplasticity. 

Please head over to the appointments page HERE for further information 

Absolutely!  Energy can no concept of Space, Time and Distance.  

To be honest with you, I personally find that distance sessions are more effective, as I’m able to tune-in to your energy at a deeper level.  

Yes, absolutely!  Some of the techniques I use are research based.  

I sure do. If there is something that you feel resonates with you, or you feel you have a unique question to ask ask, feel free to contact me directly and let’s see how we can work together.